Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla – How To Add An Adorable Cat To Your Longship Crew | Location Guide

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Cats and dogs are just a normal part of viking life in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla — you can pet the animals whenever you want, because of course you can. You can even hug cats! But the real treasure is earning your very own kitty pal to hang out on your longship. The cat doesn’t do anything, but it does look cute and that’s all we’re asking for.

It’s possible to miss your new feline friend, so let’s talk about how to actually get this little guy. The side-quest is called “Freyja’s Friend” — and finding it can be a little tricky if you’re not exploring every location thoroughly. Who doesn’t want a pet on your ship? As your viking MC says, it’s good luck to have a sea-cat on your longship.

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How To Unlock The Cat Companion | Location Guide

The earn your cat companion, you’ll need to reach England in the story. Once you arrive, travel to the city of Norwich east of you starting area, in the region of East Anglia. There’s a side-quest here you can begin that will unlock the cat for your ship.

This is a secret side-quest. It won’t appear on your map or compass — down on the roads of the town, you’ll find a white cat standing near a red norse gate, down the steps from the Dane’s house. He’s hard to miss.

Talk to the white cat, and then the child after the cat runs away. Talk to the child, and follow him — the cat will dart away when the kid gets close. You need to interact with the cat to grab it before it escapes. If it does escape, follow the child to the next location to try again.

Capture the cat, and you’ll complete the “Freyja’s Friend” side-quest. The cat will appear on your longship, so you can hang out with the sea-cat while going on raids.