Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla – You Can Get Thor’s Hammer For Real | Legendary Armor & Mjolnir Guide

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The awesome electric power of Mjolnir can be wielded in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla — but only if you’re worthy to claim the god-like weapon. We’re all familiar with Mjolnir thanks to Thor, God of Thunder from the Avengers movies (and games), but this legendary weapon of destruction exists for real in Norse mythology. There’s no way the developers were going to leave it weapon out. It’s kind of an Easter egg, and it’s kind of a secret bonus weapon.

Earning the Mjolnir requires an entire playthrough — only after finishing the story will it become available, and you’ll need to find 5 pieces of armor, dagger-like keys, and do lots of exploring. It’s a perplexing quest, so we’re including text-only hints if you don’t want to ruin the hunt for yourself. It’s a lot to take in, so here’s quick rundown of the steps to get the greatest hammer in history.

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How To Unlock Mjolnir, Thor’s Hammer | Legendary Weapon Location Guide

To acquire Thor’s Hammer — the lightninig-summoning Mjolnir — you’ll first need to complete the 5-piece set of Thor’s Armor.

  • How To Get All 5 Pieces Of Thor’s Armor:
    • Defeat the 3 Daughters of Lerion.
    • Each one has 1 piece of Thor’s Armor. You’ll gain 3 pieces for defeating each of the Sisters.
    • Defeat all 3 to gain Thor’s Helmet as a reward — you’ll need to reach a special hidden lair to use the 3 dagger keys dropped by each of the sisters.
    • The final piece is Thor’s Cloak. This is your reward for wiping out the Order of the Ancients.

To get three pieces of armor, and the keys to unlock the four piece, you need to defeat special opponents called the Daughters of Lerion. These unique enemies patrol in specific locations in East Anglia.

  • Daughters of Lerion Locations: All 3 are located in East Anglia.
    • Daughter #1: In the north on the Isle of Ely Monastery.
    • Daughter #2: Along the northeast shore of East Anglia. At the crag, northwest of the Forward Camp on the east shore.
    • Daughter #3: Near the western border, southwest of Britannia’s Watch.

After defeating all the Daughters of Lerion, you can use the daggers they dropped to unlock Thor’s Helmet.

  • Gaining Thor’s Helmet: Go to the Book of Knowledge lair southwest of Burgh Castle. Look for an open crypt on your compass — it’s found in an old cemetery.
    • Use the three daggers dropped by the 3 Daughters of Lerion on the statue at the end of the cavern. It will shatter and drop Thor’s Helmet.

After gaining Thor’s Helmet, you should have 4 out of 5 set pieces. The final piece is very time-consuming, and can only be acquired far later in the game.

  • Gaining Thor’s Cloak: The final piece of Thor’s Armor is rewarded for killing everyone in the Order of Ancients.
    • Yes, really. You need to kill every target. This can only be done in the post-game, after you finish the story.

Now that you have all 5 pieces of Thor’s Armor, you can acquire the Mjolnir. Put on Thor’s Armor and travel back to Norway.

  • Where To Find Mjolnir: Return to the Norway map, and travel to the northern waterway of Hordafylke. Zoom-in with your map and you’ll find a large area available to explore surrounded by mountains — the only area far in the center-north with a large section you can visit.
    • Follow the trail all the way up. It eventually leads to Mjolnir — it can only be lifted when you’re wearing all 5 armor pieces.

For collecting Thor’s Hammer, you’ll earn the Worthy achievement / trophy. And an awesome weapon!