Phasmophobia Developer Only Expected At Most 500 Players At Peak Launch

There’s been a big movement in the video game industry especially when it comes to indie titles. After the world was put in shutdown for a good while with this coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, there were plenty of delay announcements and event cancellations for video games. This was quite the bummer, but it was overall expected with so many jobs being put on hold or transitioning employees into working remotely. However, this allowed some indie games to become massive online hits.

With the likes of Fall Guys and Among Us, there were plenty of players jumping online and enjoying these games with friends all over the world. The extra bit of downtime being at home also allowed these games to get more focus and was easily spread around online. One of those surprises indie hits was a game called Phasmophobia where its success was certainly not expected by developer Dknighter.

This developer had crafted up a paranormal game where a group of players is tasked with capturing information about haunting areas and the ghosts that roam the area. Being available for the Halloween season also likely played a role in its sudden success. However, it was during a conversation with IGN that we found out just how small Dknighter’s expectations truly were. According to Dknighter, the original expectations were at most 500 players enjoying the game on the server, and afterward, the number would slowly drop off. This developer was only hoping that there would be enough players around to purchase the game so he could continue developing more video games.

However, what the developer received was over 90,000 players on the server which made the game a massive success. It’s certainly allowed the developer to continue making games, but now his goals have been adjusted. It looks like the Early Access build will continue on with the developer fixing bugs and offering some more stability. That will be the next major update and from there, players can expect to see more maps and content to enjoy.

Source: Bloody Disgusting, IGN