Pokemon GO: Earn 41 Free Items With This Promo Code | 5 Year Anniversary Event Guide

Niantic Labs, the developers of Pokemon GO, are celebrating their 5th Anniversary with plenty of prizes for players — but you only have a limited time to claim these rewards. The big day was actually a few days ago, but the presents are just being handed out to players. On Sunday, October 4th Niantic held a special event that’s since ended, but you still have a week or more to claim a bunch of prizes off the official Pokemon GO website.

Due to the lockdown, Pokemon GO has changed in small but significant ways. If you want to learn about some of these changes, check out our guide detailing how Pokemon GO lets you play in-doors, and even how to battle Team Rocket GO and Giovanni at home. You can also join raids remotely now! And these changes are going to stay for a very long time.

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How To Claim 41 Rewards | 5 Year Anniversary Event Guide

To claim free rewards, you’ll need to login to the Official Niantic Website and input a code shared by the Niantic Team on Twitter.

And that’s it! You’ll earn a huge selection of free items next time you login to Pokemon GO. Just make sure you login to the same account on the Niantic website as you do on your smart device — or make sure the accounts are linked.

Inputting this code will net you 41 free items. Here’s a full list of all the items we’ve received.

  • 5 Year Anniversary Freebies:
    • 20 Ultra Balls
    • 10 Pinap Berries
    • 10 Niantic Stickers
    • 1 Star Piece

Not a bad haul of Ultra Balls, especially for beginning players. The prizes are only available for a limited time — grab them before October 13th, 5PM globally or you’ll lose out.