Pokémon GO: How To Join Raids Remotely | New Features Guide

These are strange times we live in, and Pokémon GO is trying to accommodate players stuck inside during the pandemic with a new raid feature. Now, it’s possible to join raids remotely while you’re indoors. No need to strap on a mask and start walking in what might be very public places — now you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. It’s a helpful addition, alongside other kind COVID-19 offers like (practically) free items and more daily rewards.

This a limited-time event feature, so it maybe change in the near future — or not at all. Seeing how the quarantine as extended, the good folks at Niantic might decide to make this into a permanent feature until fears die down. That might be a very long time from now, so I say sit back and enjoy from the safety of your home. Here’s how to join Remote Raids.

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Remote Raid Passes can be purchased from the in-app store, the Shop, and you can only carry a maximum of 3 at a time. Some events may give Remote Raid Passes as a reward, so make sure to check around when you login.

Remote Raid Passes are used to access Raids, well, remotely! You don’t need to be right in a raid zone to begin raiding. You’ll be able to access any raids visible nearby from the map screen.

  • How To Join Remote Raids:
    • Tap ‘Nearby’ in the bottom-right corner of the Map View screen and select the ‘Raids’ tab. Tap ‘View’ below each raid and you’ll be able to spend a Remote Raid Pass to join.
    • Remote Raid Passes can also join ongoing Raid Battles at any Gym. Just tap on a Gym on your Map screen to access them.

Make sure to tap the Pink Icon that appears to spend a Remote Raid Pass. Once you’ve joined a raid, the mechanics work exactly like before. Like always, up to 5 trainers can join the same raid lobby and fight together for a big reward.

All Remote Raid completions will progress raid-related research — don’t worry, it isn’t counted any differently. You’ll still be able to invite up to 3 friends to participate in a raid by sharing the 3-Pokemon pass code. It’s all the same! So if you’re looking to keep playing your hardcore Pokémon GO account, that’s still possible.