The Next Pokemon Go Update Has Arrived Today, Egg Hatching Nerfed

A new Pokemon Go update has arrived today, and it has one very notable change, GPS functionality.

The official patch notes, posted on Niantic’s website, explain that the update changes “distance-tracking to better account for GPS drift.” This alludes to your character shifting location due to the GPS service on your phone not working as well as it should.

As Forbes explains, egg-hatching is heavily influenced by small shifts as it is tracking using GPS. The game can think you’re moving around, and reward you for it, when you’re actually not. Today’s update nerfs that previous function, and it will likely also affect walking with your buddy as well as hatching eggs.

The new update also includes several other small changes, including “minor text fixes” and now eggs that you get from PokeStops will now show up on the Apple Watch display. And, of course, as mentioned above, Niantic has changed up the GPS tracking. It remains to be seen how it will function from here on out.