Pokémon GO: How To Fight Team Rocket GO At Home & Face Off Against Giovanni

Team Rock GO is changing to make life easier for players stuck at home during the pandemic. Now Team Rocket will come to you — and you can even fight against their leader, Giovanni! The rules have completely changed, and if you’re aiming to defeat all the Team Rocket GO leaders, here’s how you can do it starting now.

Before the July 7th update to Pokémon GO, you’d have to visit PokeStops to track down Team Rocket Grunts. Defeating grunts eventually lead you to their leaders, which eventually pits you against the boss of Team Rocket, Giovanni. Things basically work the same now, except the Team Rocket Grunts are attacking from the sky! They’ll appear in balloons, and one tap from the map screen will launch a battle.

We’ll explain how everything works now in the full guide below. Don’t miss out on new Pikachu variants, Petilil and Ducklet during the big 4th Anniversary event!

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Team Rocket GO | New Changes

Team Rocket Go are appearing in balloons! Like before, if you fight them, you’ll get a chance to defeat the three Team Rocket GO Leaders, or even face Giovanni for a special reward. Here’s how it works.

  • Team Rocket GO grunts will appear in balloons on your map screen! To battle them, just tap the balloons. New balloons will appear every few hours, and more balloons may appear during takeover events.
    • What’s great about this feature is that you can still battle without going outside.
  • To fight Team Rocket GO leaders, equip a Team Rocket GO Radar! Cliff, Arlo and Sierra can appear in a balloon, too.
  • Earn a Super Rocket Radar to summon Giovanni. Even Giovanni will appear in a balloon once you have the Super Rocket Radar unlocked. Just like regular Rocket Radar, equip and activate it to make Giovanni’s balloon appear.

Now you can enjoy all the Team Rocket GO content and rescue Shadow Pokémon from the safety of your own home.