Spelunky 2: How To Unlock Seeded Runs | Best Seeds List

Spelunky 2 is ridiculously hard, but there is one way to make your game a little easier — Seeded Runs. This high-level function takes away the randomization (mostly) and allows you to replay the same seed over and over again. That means items, shops, and even enemies will (mostly) spawn in the same place. And we’re going to explain how to actually unlock the ability to input Seeded Runs.

There’s one wrinkle to the Seeded Run that many players don’t realize. Seeded Runs change if you take a “slow” or “fast” route — the seed will be different depending on whether you complete a level in less that 30 seconds or more than 30 seconds. It adds another layer of complexity to a pretty complex game, but many of the seeds we have listed below still feature good items whether you’re a slow player or a fast player.

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How To Unlock Seeded Runs

Collect 16 extra characters to unlock more areas of the starting hub. Once you unlock enough characters, climb up to find the area to input Seeded Runs.

Go to the room with the Telescope, then go left to the surface of the Moon. You’ll be able to unlock Seeded Runs at the spaceship.

Best Seeds

Early Jetpack OR Eggplant SEED: ABACAB00

There’s a shop in 1-2 with Jetpack / Teleporter / Bomb Box if you beat 1-1 in over 30 seconds. If you beat 1-1 in under 30 seconds, there is a Gift Box and Kali Altar on 1-2 — perfect for Eggplant Runs.

This seed also has a 2-4 shop in an interior cave that sells the Alien Blaster for $45,000 gold.

Shotgun & Jetpack SEED: EBD03B15

The 1-2 shop will always have a Mystery Box present that contains a jetpack and a shotgun. Buy it or steal it!

  • More Useful SEEDS:
    • A5463B9F (Tons of Ropes + Bombs)
    • 398684DB (Easy Bombs)

WARNING: Seeded Runs will disable most new discovers and unlocking trophies.