Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood – Jurassic Park, COVID & More Easter Eggs You Don’t Want To Miss

Don’t like COVID? Neither do the developers over at Gearbox. Borderlands 3 is packed with an insane amount of Easter eggs and extras for players to discover — and that’s on top of all the regular ridiculous content you’ll blow through.

The Bounty of Blood DLC is no different, with weird quests where you’ll complete a truncated version of the Hero’s journey, or fight enemies by making them extremely sudsy during bath time.

But you’ll also find references and Easter eggs hidden throughout the new maps. So far we’ve found angry developer messages, Jurassic Park crashes, and more. We’ll be listed any and all Easter eggs we discover in the full guide below for your personal perusal.

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A Bad Case Of Cabin Fever

Found stenciled on the back of a building before reaching Vestige.

When crossing the first bridge, go right instead of left — and you’ll find a structure with these letters cheekily marked on the side. We’re all incredibly sick (no pun intended) of the quarantine, and it looks like a map maker over at Gearbox agrees.

Here’s hoping the devs are staying safe during this challenging time, and indeed — F U COVID.

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Jurassic Park Tree Trouble

Saurdew Valley in the Blastplains features multiple Jurassic Park Easter eggs, starting with the crashed rover found hanging in a tree to the right of the entrance, behind the Catch-A-Ride station. The rover, as we all knew, looks strikingly similar to the specially-painted cars of Jurassic Park, and this is a reference to the scene where Alan Grant and his children charges get knocked off the cliff edge by a rampaging T-Rex.

  • NOTE: The Jurassic Park skin on the vehicle is actually available to collect on Eden-6. It’s a random skin you can get called ‘I Like Dinosaurs’!

There’s more! The famous T-Rex scene, a ringing telephone inside a T-Rex, and more all appear in the final quest of the Saurdew Valley location. Saurdew Valley is also a little reference to Stardew Valley — a pretty popular farming / social indie game.

Godzilla’s Parents Get A Shoutout

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The movie studio responsible for a little character called Godzilla gets an explicit call-out in the Cox Theater in Bounty of Blood. In the Cox Theater, and all of this planet’s weird fusion of wild west and Japanese influences, you’ll find a special production company logo that looks (almost) exactly like Toho Studios.

Everyone in America knows Disney, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, and more iconic introductions to moves — but we don’t all know about Toho. The logo is literally the same, just the Japanese has been replaced with nonsense future language.

The Town Of Vestige (Population: Gearbox)

Image Source: [1]

Here’s a fun little Easter egg that’ll get you just a little closer to the devs. Hidden in Hina’s Hacienda, in the top floor bathroom, you can find a picture of the Vestige townsfolk gathered together. Of course, this is actually the developers over at Gearbox, posed in old-timey sepia tone and wearing cowboy gear to better match the image.

If you look closely, you can see a ‘Vestige’ logo in the top-left, which is the name of the wild west town hub you’ll occupy in this DLC. Below the gathering, there’s a small note that says “The Old Crew”, dated to 2020. It’s always nice to see the team supported — and hopefully nobody is going to make anyone sick squeezing together like that.

Found any other Easter eggs? We’re always searching for more! We’ll update this article with anything else we’ve found in the newest DLC drop for Borderlands 3.