Stardew Valley Creator Is Making Two Projects 

There are plenty of great video game titles and while we can expect some big numbers for sales when it comes to AAA video game studios, every once in a while there is a smash indie hit. The indie scene is always filled with new and exciting video game titles each year and while some of these games are a passion project, others become such a big hit that it instantly becomes hyped if the developer continues on with a new project. 

Everyone knows about Stardew Valley, a game that was heavily inspired by Harvest Moon. Eric Barone developed the game under his studio ConcernedApe and from there, his release made the title a worldwide hit. Fans went crazy over the title and it’s allowed the developer the freedom to create new projects. In fact, it was recently announced by the developer that he is working on two projects at the moment. 

So far not too many details were released on the projects just yet. Instead, we simply know one title is set within the Stardew Valley universe while the other is something unique. Like how we mentioned earlier, there is a ton of hype building up behind the projects which can be a double edge sword. On one side, the hype helps with marketing and generating interest to the video game, though, on the other side of things, the hype can build up some major expectations. This could eventually lead to some players being letdown after the game launches into the market.

Likely as a means to help curve the over expectations, Eric went to Twitter in order to plead with fans to not hold the games up on a pedestal just yet. After all, the developer stated that he would like to make a game that he enjoys without having to deal with too much pressure or expectations. 

In the meantime, if you have yet to play Stardew Valley, you can enjoy the game on several platforms at this point. Stardew Valley is currently available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Android platforms.

Source: Twitter