Last Of Us: Part 2 – All Collectibles Locations Guide | Cards, Coins, Artifacts, Guns & More

The bleak world of The Last of Us: Part 2 is absolutely packed with collectibles — you can find journal entries, artifacts, weapons, trading cards, coins, workbenches, training manuals, and safes. Throughout your 30+ hour adventure, you’ll find countless collectibles, and you’ll still have tons left to grab. If you’re aiming to Platinum this very highly-rated game, it’s all about finding those rare collectibles.

Some collectibles are random junk, but many give you a deeper understanding of the story. Journal Entries especially give you a peek into Ellie’s struggling psyche, and safes contain valuable items you might not be able to find anywhere else.

There is one exception to these locations — training manuals and weapons can appear in multiple locations! Why? Because the game specifically tries to help you by making them spawn again if you’ve missed them. You’ll still need to search optional areas, but don’t fret if you’ve missed a weapon or training manual. Keep exploring, and they might just pop up a second time.

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Collectibles – Table of Contents

Act 1: Jackson

Chapter 3: The Overlook

Artifact #2: After crawling under the house, you’ll emerge on the other side. Hop in the window and search the rooms. There’s an office with this note next to some ammo.

Chapter 4: Patrol

Journal #1: After reaching the outpost with Dinah, you’ll get a nice view of the town below. Following the cutscene, interact with the view.

Artifact #3: A Note To Santa – Riding through the abandoned neighborhood, enter the grey building on the left with the bottom floor missing. Climb up into the bedroom and look in the nightstand.

Trading Card #3: Tesseracter – In the same neighborhood, climb up into the bedroom in the back-right and look on the closet shelf.

Artifact #4: Supermarket Apology – After crawling through the undercarriage of the truck, you’ll enter the super market interior. There’s a note in the back of the truck — squeeze through the crates to find it.

Artifact #5: Good Boy Combo – In the infected super market, squeeze through a narrow space, then turn right at the Employee of the Month board. In the small office, find the combo on the desk.

Safe #1: 07-20-13 – The safe itself is located in the same office as the combination. It’s in the office just to the right of the Employee of the Month board you’ll see after squeezing through a narrow space in the infected zone.

Artifact #6: Firefly Pendant – At the Library, smash the window to the Copy Center and you’ll grab this pendant as you enter the next room. Can’t be missed.

Journal #2: Entering the next room, look right for a giraffe doll on the children’s shelf.

Trading Card #4: Laurent Foucalt – Opposite the journal, there’s a small storage room with this trading card.

Artifact #7: Eugene’s Ultimatum – Found in the nightstand next to Eugene’s bed.

Artifact #8: Photo of Eugene & Tommy – Check the table opposite the bed.

Workbench #1: After starting up the power generator, you’ll find the workbench down the hallway. You really can’t miss this one.

Chapter 7: Packing Up

Journal #3: In Joel’s House, go to the kitchen and examine the mug next to the sink.

Journal #4: Upstairs, go to the workroom and examine the guitar.

Artifact #9: Joel’s Watch – You can’t miss it. It’s in Joel’s bedroom, in the red box.