Minecraft Dungeons: How To Beat The Heart of Ender Solo | Final Boss Guide

Minecraft Dungeons might be a great game to introduce everyone to action RPGs, but it’s got one tough final boss. The Heart of Ender is a challenge lots of players struggle to beat, especially if you’re trying to win solo. That’s why we’re here — to offer a few tips and build suggestions to make this seemingly insurmountable opponent beatable.

The Heart of Ender awaits after defeating the Arch-Illager, who is a frankly pathetic fight. If you’re solo, I highly recommend saving all your lives and making sure you’re full at the final encounter. The more lives you have, the better!

You can also use a simple trick to make the fight a little easier. If the boss is too far north after you respawn, you can carefully sneak up and use arrows to pummel it before it reacts. If you place yourself carefully on the stairs, you can also block his beam attacks with the geometry! Not exactly my best tips, but things you might want to know.

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How To Beat The Heart of Ender Solo | Final Boss Guide

To beat the Heart of Ender, you’ll need to bring a few different types of artifacts and weapons — certain tools are completely useless for the fight, while others are going to save your life. This fight is one of the toughest in the game when played solo.

Your main weapon doesn’t really matter here. You’ll want to boost your PL, but any weapon will work fine. It’s all about your Arrows and Artifacts. Spend your Emeralds at the camp to get random gear rolls.

  • Recommended Artifacts:
    • Ghost Cloak: One of the most useful artifacts for this fight. You will become temporarily invulnerable — great for avoiding damage from his laser spin attacks.
    • Death Cap Mushroom: Deal extra damage for a short time. Super useful!
    • Shield Totem: Another handy artifact that will protect you from lasers for a short time.
    • Gong of Weakening: A killer artifact that temporarily weakens enemies. This is insane combined with Death Cap Mushroom.
    • Fireworks Arrow: The best combo with a bow. Fires explosives that deal extra damage.

Soul Artifacts aren’t great for this fight for obvious reasons. You can’t earn lots of souls, so it’s better to focus on all the other artifacts in your arsenal — the Death Cap Mushroom + Gong of Weakening combo is the most effective.

It also helps to grab a Crossbow with the Accelerate enchantment. The more shots you can fire with the crossbow, the more damage you’ll do faster — that’s killer with the Gong and the Mushroom. If you unlock any of these three artifacts or enchantments, you’ll have a much better chance at winning the fight.

The battle itself is straightforward. You just need to keep moving! To avoid the lasers, stay close to the emitter and run circles — use any Speed Boost artifacts, shields, or enchantments to stay out of the beam. If you have to, you can dodge roll through the beam. It still does damage, but the damage itself is miniscule compared if you walk into the beams unprotected.

The Heart of Ender is tough, but with the right equipment — and a high PL — you’ll be able to win.