Minecraft Dungeons: There’s A Hidden Chest In The Camp You Probably Missed | Top-Tier Loot Location

The more loot, the better when it comes to Minecraft Dungeons, and your camp is a constant source of easy emeralds in the early game. As you progress, you’ll find more chests scattered around your camp area, where you can stock up on a selection of emeralds to use at the two vendors that (eventually) appear. But, there’s another high-tier chest that I completely missed in all my exploring.

The chest is one of the best in the game, so don’t open it too early! Loot is generated the moment you open a chest, based on your current Power Level. You’ll want to wait until you’re pretty high level before opening this bad boy. At the very least, wait until you’ve beaten the Arch-Illager for your second time so you can give yourself a nice reward. This chest gives out great loot, including Uniques.

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Hidden Chest Location

The final secret chest is only available after you complete the game. Once you defeat the Arch-Illager, you’ll find a bunch of springs in your camp, southeast of your large house. Use the jump-pads to reach a lower path that takes you to a Nether Portal.

The Nether Portal doesn’t work (yet) but there’s something hidden back there! Behind the thick plantlife, there’s a tricky-to-spot path up the mountain. Follow it up and around to reach this one-time-only chest.

Secret Chest at Camp behind Nether Portal from r/MinecraftDungeons

You’ll also find the Developer Church room in this back around that’s only accessible from the jump pads. The church has pictures of developers, and a secret quest to unlock the Mooshroom level — just use the dog picture to get quick glimpses of hidden rune rooms. There’s one hidden in each major zone!

Don’t miss this chest, or any of the other chests you can miss — more appear after every level you complete. You’ll need to search thoroughly to find them all in your camp, but the rest will only contain emeralds. Search high and low, and enjoy the rewards you’ll reap before cracking open the mother-of-all free chests! Here’s hoping you get something great like a Unique.