Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How To Access The Wedding Island Event | Seasonal Rewards Guide

Wedding Season is upon us, and the happy critters of Animal Crossing: New Horizons are renewing their vows this June. For the rest of the month, you’ll be able to visit Harv’s Island and earn exclusive new furniture from a few returning faces. The ace alpacas, Reese and Cyrus, are getting pictures to celebrate their anniversary. Reese is a master furniture maker, and stopping by to snap photos of the pair can earn you points you can spend to get a full set of wedding chapel items.

If you’re not sure how this new Wedding Event works, we’ve got a full explanation below — including a gallery with all the new items you can grab. Unlike the annoying Egg Day extravaganza, this event is totally optional and won’t get in the way of your town-building. The only way to participate is to travel to Harv’s Island, and you won’t need to visit too often to earn all the points you need to grab all the love-themed furniture.

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Wedding Event Guide

The Wedding Season Event is available from 6/1 – 6/30 and can be accessed after unlocking Harv’s Island. Harv’s Island will become available after your third resident arrives on your island — just look for a hippy dog wandering around and talk to him during the day to make his island available.

To start playing, go to your airport and select to travel to Harv’s Island. From there, you’ll meet Cyrus and Reese outside. You’ll find the Wedding Chapel set inside Harv’s house, and the special mini-game will begin.

To complete this mini-game, talk to Reese and she’ll request different vibes for pictures. With the home designer grid, go to the ‘Event’ tab and select from the different furniture options here. During this event, you can use any items you want from the furniture tab — anything that’s available for sale, you can use to decorate.

For the first picture, you’ll just want to decorate with lots of benches and hanging decorations to make the room look like a wedding chapel. When you’re done, talk to Reese again and take a snapshot with your phone. Press [R2] to bring up the camera — make sure to get Reese and Cyrus in the center of the frame!

Once you take a picture, show it to Reese to complete the mini-quest. As a reward, you’ll get 8 Heart Points and a special Wedding Bench. Every day, you can return to the photo booth to earn extra Heart Points, which you can trade to Cyrus for more Wedding-themed furniture. Nice!

During the Wedding Event, you can earn the following new furniture items by visiting Cyrus and trading heart points — which are earning by completing Reese’s photo requests!

  • Wedding bench
  • Wedding decoration
  • White wedding wall
  • White wedding flooring
  • Blue wedding rug

There might be more items, so check back daily to see what Cyrus has to offer.