Animal Crossing: New Horizons – 5 Ways To Make Tons Of Bells | Early Money-Making Tips & Tricks

You can never have too many bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. When you arrive on your deserted island, you’ll have nothing but a camp — and a huge debt you’ll have to repay for Tom Nook. If you’re looking to get rich quick, there’s a few secret tricks you can take advantage of. Money really does grow on trees in your personal deserted island.

Thankfully, money isn’t the only way to repay your debt to Tom Nook. You can complete ‘Nook Miles’ just by doing stuff around your town. You’re the Mayor, so anything you do to help your island thrive will (probably) give you Nook Miles. And you can use those Nook Miles to earn huge bell rewards. You’ll be able to upgrade your house in no time flat with these five little tricks.

#1: Earn enough Nook Miles, and you can sell the Nook Miles tickets you earn. Selling your Nook Miles tickets can net you 10,000 bells. Seriously.

#2: Visit other islands and collect non-native fruit. Fruit that isn’t native to your island sells for 500 bells each. Plant an orchard, and you’ll be rolling in bells.

#3: Search your island for a glowing gold spot. Use a shovel to dig up a bag of bells, then plant it like a tree. After awhile, a bell tree will grow — it’s a literal money tree.

#4: Using the DIY table, you can create some easy objects in the early game that sell for good prices. A Haybed sells for 400 bells, and a Leaf Umbrella sells for 300 bells. Both of them only require 20 / 15 weeds, which are everywhere on your island.

#5: You can use a simple exploit with a friend to make copies of items! Go into your house, and have one friend rapidly turn the orientation of any item that’s sitting on another item (Ex. Nintendo Switch on a Cardboard Box) and have the other player pick it up. You’ll make a copy! If it doesn’t work, just plop it back down and try again.