10 Most Overpowered Party Members In Gaming

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#7: Glenn (Chrono Cross)

Glenn is straight-up the best character in Chrono Cross. Getting him on your team is a pain in the butt, and he isn’t available for that long, but when he is around, he’s totally unstoppable. Equip him with a pair of Einlanzer swords to make him the strongest character in the game. Chrono Cross has literally dozens of characters, and most of them really aren’t that different from each other. That makes Glenn’s super-powered status pretty special.

Glenn is also a reference to Chrono Trigger – Glenn is the name of Frog before transforming into, well, a frog! The world of Chrono Cross is like a remixed, alternate-reality, so it makes sense for Glenn to make a comeback. Frog is one of the best characters in his game, so making him literally the best in the sequel? I’m cool with that.

#8: Silver Surfer (Marvel Ultimate Alliance)

Silver Surfer is just absurdly strong — I guess it makes sense, the guy does wield the Power Cosmic. Normally, you’ll only earn Silver Surfer after defeating Galactus, but using cheat codes it was possible to unlock him right away. That makes the rest of the game a complete joke. Even if you’re playing the game with friends, you’ll hog the spotlight if you’ve already unlock the Surfer — like Thanos in MUA3, once you’ve got this guy in your party, you can just stomp all over everything else.

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