10 Most Overpowered Party Members In Gaming

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#3: Gogo (Final Fantasy 6)

This secret character can only be acquired in the end-game of Final Fantasy 6, and even then, he’s so secretive players like me only knew he existed because we bought the strategy guide. After getting eaten by a sandworm on a very specific spot on the map, you can explore an underground cave and discover this weird guy.

Gogo is a mime — he can mimic three abilities from your party, and the right combinations are game-breakingly OP. For example, if a character uses Ultima, Gogo can use Ultima right after. If Sabin inputs his powerful Phantom Rush blitz, Gogo can use it too. It doesn’t cost any magic, making him an easy contender for best supplementary character for any team.

#4: Terminal (XCOM: Chimera Squad)

Speaking of characters you can’t live without Terminal is the healer in XCOM: Chimera Squad, and she’s basically the best character in the game. Is she the strongest? No, not really. Does she get the most kills? Probably not. But she will keep your team alive, and can provide insane support.

Her starter ability can heal teammates and cure status effects. After that, she can gain the power to Suppress, fully heal herself after every encounter, automatically heal her squadmates in a breach, or heal / revive everyone on the map with her ultra skill. Even better, she can give any character another turn with her Coordination ability. She’s unstoppable, and I dreaded having to keep her off the team.

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