10 Most Overpowered Party Members In Gaming

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#5: Myron (Fallout 2)

This dorky teenager is easily the most useful character in Fallout 2 — and for the same reasons at Terminal in XCOM, he’s all about healing. Myron is a drug-manufacturer for the Mordino Crime Family. He’s a wizard with chemicals, and convincing him to become a permanent party member will help you infinitely.

Why? Because Myron can craft super stimpacks. Making stimpacks / super stimpacks is the easiest way to make big money in the game, and Myron can also cure you of jet addiction — so if you’ve been shooting up with combat enhancing drugs, Myron is your best man. He’s terrible when it comes to fighting, but the Chosen One should be taking care of all that stuff anyway.

#6: Butters (South Park: Fractured But Whole)

Professor Chaos, the one-time villain in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, is a surprise party member that also kicks ridiculous amounts of elementary school ass. Butters can summon a minion to fight for him, and can confuse enemies with his Confuse-o-Tron ray. Basically, you can totally control the flow of combat with blocking minions and stunning rays that keep enemies out of the fight.

It might seem like Professor Chaos is just a back-up character, but his ranged beam attack and Ultimate can deal serious damage. He’s the kind of character you’ll want to keep around for the entire game.

Butters is pretty great, but the next character on our list is 100% purestrain OP.

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