10 Most Overpowered Party Members In Gaming

There are few things better than discovering a completely OP character in your favorite game. Whether you’re playing a JRPG, strategy game, or anything else with a team you can select — there are characters that clearly stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. Here, we’re counting down the most ridiculously game-breaking characters you’ll always pick for your parties in video games.

Sometimes they’re completely broken, and sometimes they’re merely better than the weak plebes you’re stuck with. The following games on our list are full of great characters with interesting backstories and abilities — but they’re properly balanced. We’re hunting down the most ridiculously useful characters in video game rosters. If you don’t stick these suckers in your team, you’re missing out on serious power.

And we’re trying to avoid multiplayer and fighting games. If there’s a lot of debate about a character’s inherent OP-ness, they don’t belong on this list.

#1: Count Orlandu (Final Fantasy Tactics)

The #1 example of unbalanced, OP, and game-breaking characters in video-games, Count Orlandu a.k.a. Cid the Thundergod, is an absurdly strong character you’ll gain in your FFT party pretty far into the game. He can stomp all over even the toughest bosses thanks to his unique combination of skills.

Orlandu is a unique Sword Saint class, which combines the abilities of a Holy Knight, Dark Knight, and Divine Knight — his sword abilities are strong enough to take out most enemies in a single hit, or two hits if they’re really tough. In a game like FFT where it normally takes concentrated effort from your whole team to take an enemy down, that makes him ridiculously OP. Some players avoid him just to give themselves a challenge in the late-game.

#2: Bayonetta (Anarchy Reigns)

This list isn’t all about JRPGs — and Bayonetta is one of the most broken characters in any action game. Sold as a DLC bonus, any team playing online in Anarchy Reigns needs at least one Bayonetta on their side, or prepare to get completely wiped with this witch’s combo abilities.

Anarchy Reigns is an online brawler from the madmen at Platinum Games, and you can tell they have a slight affinity for their first major project — Bayonetta is completely unstoppable. She’s so bad, any sensible online play with friends had to ban her. And she isn’t even the only character on our list that’s an automatic ban for friendly matches. Anyone that selects a character this OP has forfeit all honor at the gaming arena.

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