Pokémon GO: Here’s All The New Ways You’ll Earn PokeCoins In The Near Future | PokeCoin Update

Pokémon GO is changing its PokeCoin economy in the very near future, and Australia is the first region getting these sweeping changes. PokeCoins are getting some pretty major changes — you’ll be able to earn more of them from a wider variety of activities. No longer stuck defending gyms, you’ll be able to earn coins at home by completing daily activities. It’s a great change that will help trainers keep going, even during this quarantine.

PokeCoins are a common currency in Pokémon GO, and one that needed more methods of collecting. Previously, players that defended Gyms with their Pokémon could earn a total of six coins per hour. That’s been changed — you won’t be able to earn as many coins defending gyms, but on the plus side, you’ll be getting coins for completing lots of different activities.

The specifics are up for change depending on player feedback, so make sure to let Niantic, the developers of Pokémon GO, know what you think when these features unroll in your region.

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Pokémon GO is rolling out changes to the PokeCoin system. Now you’ll be able to earn more coins by completing daily activities. Some of the daily limits have changed:

  • You can now earn a max of 55 PokeCoins daily!
  • You’ll only be able to earn a maximum of 2 PokeCoins per hour when defending Gyms instead of the previous 6 PokeCoins per hour.

The following activities will appear daily, and finishing featured activities will give you five Pokecoins per completion.

  • PokeCoin Daily Activities:
    • Take a Snapshot of your Buddy Pokemon
    • Catch a Pokemon
    • Use a Berry when catching a Pokemon
    • Power up a Pokémon
    • Evolve a Pokémon
    • Make a Nice Throw
    • Make a Great Throw
    • Make an Excellent Throw
    • Transfer a Pokemon
    • Win a Raid

That’s 10 different activities, with a rotating list of daily activities every day. These activities are designed to help you stay indoors and still earn PokeCoins. This is just one of the measures the developers are unveiling to help players during the COVID-19 pandemic, like giving away free stuff, or offering new Remote Raid Tickets.