MK11: Joker DLC – Easter Eggs, Fatality Inputs & Brutalities

Joker has landed in Mortal Kombat 11, and he brings all his villainous antics with him. Like every character, Joker is packed with optional moves you can equip, but he’s primarily a trickster character. He can play keep-away with a variety of gadgets and set-up moves to control the field, or you can just deliver a beat down with Joker’s signature cane.

To celebrate his early release, we’re delving into the Joker fighter to reveal his second, hidden Fatality, his brutalities, and talk about the many Easter eggs hidden in the character’s customization. There’s a whole lot to talk about for the Clown Prince of Crown, so let’s rundown the harlequin of hate’s best stuff.

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Joker is available on all platforms for Season Pass owners. If you want to purchase him separately, you’ll have to wait until Feb. 4th.

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Fatality Inputs:

NOTE: The easiest way to unlock the second Fatality is to use an AI Companion. Jump into the Endless Tower, select Joker, and turn on AI — after a few fights, he’s very likely to use the second Fatality and unlock it for you. Or you can just input the fatality below.

  • Party Pooper (Mid): Down, Right, Left, [2 / Triangle / Y]
  • Pop Goes The Mortal (Mid): Back, Down, Back [1 / Square / X]

Brutality Inputs:

  • The Klassic: [Final Hit From An Uppercut] Down + [2 / Triangle / Y]
  • Playful Puppet: [Final Hit From Puppetry Parry] Down, Left, [3 / Cross / A]
  • Rocket Power: [Final Hit From Amplified Batsy Poo] Left, Right + [1 / Square / X], R1

Joker Easter Eggs

Joker’s customization options are packed with references and Easter eggs to past iterations of the character. His skins have tons of references, so let’s just go over the ones I picked out instantly.

Clown Prince of Crime – This outfit is one of the originals from ‘Gotham’.

Banned Laughter – The white suit appears in Frank Miller’s ‘Dark Knight Returns’.

Master of Mayhem – An homage to Cesar Romero’s Joker from the ‘Batman’ 1960’s series.

Perverse Wisecracker – The monochrome suit matches one of Jack Nicholson’s many costumes in Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’ film adaptation.

When fighting Johnny Cage, Johnny states that he does “not want to know your origin story” — referencing the fact that Joker’s true origins are (usually) a mystery in modern continuity.

Joker’s Ending

Joker’s ridiculous ending is an elaborate joke on MK’s canon! Joker (after killing Johnny Cage’s Ninja Mime) meets an undead Havik. Together with Havik, Hsu Hao and Mileene invade Order Realm to spread chaos. After that, Joker breaks the fourth wall and blasts the TV.

Let’s go through why this is all incredibly ridiculous. First of all, Havik and Hsu Hao are two of the absolute worst Mortal Kombat characters in the franchise. Whenever they reappear (like Hsu Hao appearing as a severed head in Erron Black’s bag) it’s specifically to dunk on them. Havik is a reject from Chaos Realm — obviously Joker would love Chaos Realm!

The entire idea of Order and Chaos Realm is a joke — two hilariously awful realms with idiotic rules from Mortal Kombat: Deception’s ridiculous Konquest story mode.

And finally, we have Mileena. She’s a classic character, but one that Ed Boon constantly trolls fans with. She died in a previous game, and players have been requesting her return constantly on Twitter. Putting her in Joker’s ending is just another nail in Mileena’s coffin, and a cruel joke to play on fans. It’s still really funny.