Mortal Kombat 11: Terminator DLC – Fatality Inputs, Arnold References & Leaked Kombat Pack Easter Eggs

Arnold Schwarzenegger has landed in Mortal Kombat 11. This mechanical man-mountain stomps onto the scene, sporting his chrome skeleton, fancy shades, and a killer shotgun. The character might not be literally voiced by Arnie himself, but the actor’s likeness is supremely realistic — in both versions. Yes, you can play as young Terminator here.

The Terminator is packed with Easter eggs and references. There’s a special move called ‘The Running Man’, Terminator uses a box of Johnny Cage dolls instead of his signature flowers to hide his shotgun, and he even has a costume sporting the ‘Cage’s Gym’ logo. Those are just a few of the minute secrets, but here are some of the major ones.

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Fatality Inputs

Like always, the second Fatality is a secret input you’ll have to unlock — unless you already know the code. Input the second fatality below and use it to unlock it forever in your Move List.

  • I’m Back (Close) – Back, Forward, Back, [Square / X / 1]
  • Target Terminated (Mid) – Down, Forward, Down, [Circle / B / 4]

Nice Night Sunglasses

The ‘Nice Night’ Sunglasses, which come with the character, are a nice reference to the Terminator 1 poster, featuring Arnold’s massive mug sporting a pair of shades with a futuristic targeting reticule in red.

No, these shades never appear in the film — but they’re cool enough for Arnie to keep in MK11. They aren’t an exact match, but they’re reminiscent.

Kombat Pack 2 Easter Egg

During the ‘Terminated’ outro, there’s a hilarious ‘leak’ Easter egg, listing the names of potential fan favorite characters included in Kombat Pack 2, the second series of DLC for MK11.

The list starts out pretty good, but by the end, it’s clear that the developers over at Netherrealms are totally trolling us.

    • DependencyRootPaths=$GameDir$\Characters\DLC\KP2\Mileena
    • DependencyRootPaths=$GameDir$\Characters\DLC\KP2\Rain
    • DependencyRootPaths=$GameDir$\Characters\DLC\KP2\LiMei
    • DependencyRootPaths=$GameDir$\Characters\DLC\KP2\Sareena
    • DependencyRootPaths=$GameDir$\Characters\DLC\KP2\Meat
    • DependencyRootPaths=$GameDir$\Characters\DLC\KP2\Mokap

This Easter egg is all about fake ‘leaks’ — a datamine of the in-game files, but this is clearly a fake list of names. Why? Because it ends with Meat and Mokap, two of the most ridiculous, most lampooned, straight-up worst Mortal Kombat characters.

The only way Netherrealms could make this joke more obvious was by adding in someone like Tsu Hao. Which, admittedly, they already did — you can spot that terrible character’s severed head in Erron Black’s intro.