Phil Spencer Offers Quick Update On The Initiative

We’re quickly moving into the next-generation video game consoles with both Microsoft and Sony preparing the latest upcoming consoles for a launch during the holiday season of this year. While both are likely preparing the console with new and exciting video game releases, we know that Microsoft will not have any Xbox Series X console exclusives at launch with all the titles releasing from the first-party studios being readily available on what will soon be the last-generation Xbox One console platform.

This means that the Xbox One line of owners may likely get a chance to check out the upcoming video game from The Initiative. For those who are not familiar with the studio, this is a new Microsoft owned studio that is working on their debut title. We don’t know what the studio has planned quite yet but we did get a slight little update on The Initiative.

According to Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, the team is really challenging themselves to make some new things and apparently working on some old things in new ways. So could we possibly see a remake of some sort from the development team or perhaps will it be completely new? Unfortunately, that’s a question that we won’t get answered just yet though perhaps we’ll get some information from the studio when E3 2020 rolls around this year. Of course, that’s speculative on our part so, for now, we’ll just have to wait until something official makes its way out into the public.

Source: Twitter