Microsoft Will Not Release Xbox Series X Exclusives For At Least Two Years After Launch


Microsoft and Sony are both gearing up to launch the next-generation video game consoles. It’s hard to believe that we are already moving the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 out the door, but the time has come to prepare for the holiday new platforms launching. With that said, if you do own an Xbox One console, There’s actually no reason to move it out just yet as Microsoft has plans to support both the next-generation console and this current-generation by not holding Xbox Series X exclusive titles.

The comments came from the Xbox Game Studios head, Matt Booty, who was speaking with MCVUK. It was during this conversation that Matt Booty alerted the public that there is a means to support both this current generation along with the upcoming console platform. By doing this, the first-party studios from Microsoft will not have Xbox Series X exclusives for at least two years. Instead, all of the exclusive video game titles will be available on both the Xbox Series X along with the Xbox One lineup of consoles.

This is to ensure that even if you were to purchase an Xbox One console now, you’ll have the ability to enjoy new content from Microsoft through 2021. We’re sure that this may play a role in just how many sales Microsoft will get with the Xbox Series X, however, it’s nice knowing that Microsoft is keeping those that are either newcomers to the Xbox One or veteran owners in mind. Of course, this may not include third-party video game title releases so there’s still a possibility that if you want to enjoy the latest video game titles hitting the market, having a current-generation console may be the best option. 

Of course, with all that said, we’ll simply have to wait and see just what the next-generation consoles bring to the table. As of right now, both the Xbox Series X along with the PlayStation 5 are slated to launch into the market during this year’s holiday season.

Source: MCVUK