Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – All Health Stim Upgrade Locations | More Stims Guide

Health Stims are your one-and-only healing item in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. You can purchase upgrades that give you more health per stim use, but the only way to get more healing items is by finding these rare Stim Chests. You start with two, and each upgrade chest unlocks one more stim. That sounds pretty stingy. It isn’t that bad, because you’ll recharge your stims every time you rest at a checkpoint.

Stims are this game’s version of Dark Souls Estus Flasks. Considering this game is a lot more difficult than most Star Wars games, Stims are just as important here. Every extra stim you can grab makes life easier in the long-run. Missing even one stim can change everything about your game — turn a nightmarish slog into a fun (but challenging) breeze through new worlds with these stim chest locations.

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All Health Stim Upgrade Locations

BD-1 starts with just 2 Health Stims. Locate special chests to upgrade the amount of Health Stims BD-1 will carry. Check the locations below for these chests — they’re absolutely essential if you want to live longer!


  • Health Stim #1: Right on the ship landing pad, look for a ramp leading down. In the room below, there’s a metal doorway that can only be opened with Force Push. Use force push to roll the metal ball into the slot to open the gate.
  • Health Stim #2: In the Subterranean Refuge area, reach the circular shaped, shaft-like room you’ll need to wall-run and jump to the top of. In a seemingly dead-end corner at the top, there’s a large platform you can Force Pull down to reach this chest.


  • Health Stim #3: From the main entrance to the Imperial Dig Site (from the Imperial Base) take the life down, then use Force Pull to cross the swinging vines. Down below, you’ll find a passage where you can swing, jump to a wind tunnel, and ride up to a rope. It leads up to a hide cliff connected to the Ice Caves with a Stim chest.
  • Health Stim #4: Enter the Venator Wreckage from the upper Crash Site — it’s only available once you get double-jump. Inside the massive Venator, climb to the top and you’ll be able to access a room with a bunch of treasure. On the cliff outside, you’ll find a Health Stim.
  • Health Stim #5: At the Ice Caves, from the checkpoint, look for a hanging rope you can only reach with Force Pull. Swing across two ropes to land on a ledge with a stim chest.
  • Health Stim #6: At the Imperial Dig Sit, return with the ascender — above a zip-line, there’s a platform you can drop down onto mid-zip. Land on the platform and enter the hidden room to earn this stim.


  • Health Stim #7: In the Origin Lake area, swim into the water near a checkpoint (situated on a wooden Wookie floor) and dive under. Swim through the sunken landing ship and use double-jump to bounce up two pads to reach a hidden stim chest.


  • Health Stim #8: At the entrance to the Nightmare Ruins, go right and wall-run into a small arena where a mysterious beast spawns. There’s also a wall you can climb here that leads up to a long branch. Walk along the branch to reach a cliff’s edge with this stim chest.

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