Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – How To Beat Every Boss | Combat Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re fighting Imperial weapons of war or facing off against force-wielding Inquisitors, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is packed with difficult bosses that require all your skill to defeat. Many of these bosses have special mechanics and weaknesses, and using the right force powers at the right time can make all the difference in defeating them.

In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, you play as a fugitive Jedi, on the run from the Galactic Empire. Unlike any other Star Wars game, this one is all about using your lightsaber and surviving challenging fights against the forces of evil — like Dark Souls, you’ll navigate densely populated locations, hunt for loot to improve yourself, and fight desperately to reach every valuable checkpoint. The bosses are especially tough, so we’re here to offer a few pointers.

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How To Beat Every Boss | Bosses Guid

AT-ST | Imperial Scout Walker

The Imperial Scout Walker is the first story boss you’ll encounter. It appears after clearing the tomb on Zeffo and returning to your ship. The Scout Walker primarily uses long-range weapons — it fires with heavy blaster bolts from its main guns.

If you see the left gun light-up, it’s about to launch a barrage of grenades. On the right, it fires a homing missile. If you attempt to attack the legs, the Scout Walker will stomp the ground, generating shock waves that knock Cal back.

To defeat the Scout Walker, you’ll need to carefully use force powers to launch the rocket / grenades back at the boss. Force Push, especially when countering the grenade cluster, does a ton of damage to the Walker. Hold block to automatically deflect the main blaster bolts, or time your block to parry and launch the bolts back at the boss.

After reflecting an attack, the boss will be temporarily stunned. Move in quick — use a Dash Attack for one strong hit on the legs, then roll back to avoid its stomp. You’ll want to attack (you can also jump and attack the body) to re-build your force energy. Keep it up, and this boss will go down.

Security Droid

While attempting to free the Wookies on Kashyyk, the Security Droid will ambush Cal. This minor boss fight is a one-on-one battle — the robot spreads its arms and prefer to use grapple moves. Roll-dodge when it attempts to grab you.

It’s other major attack is a punch that you can deflect with a perfectly timed block. He’ll sometimes use a single parry punch while you’re attacking — other times, he’ll attempt to attack with a three-hit combo. He’ll sometimes end his combo with an unblockable grab!

Otherwise, this boss is susceptible to Force Slow — he isn’t too difficult, and more of these Security Droids will appear as standard enemies. They’re much easier variants in the future.

The Second Sister – First Encounter

The Sith Inquisitor appears when you travel deep into the Imperial Dig Site on Zeffo. She’s your first real opponent — learning to deal with her moves is your best way to survive. Watch for her combos. She’ll often end attack combos with an unblockable strike.

She’s very, very fast. Instead of countering, wait until she attempts a lunge-attack, then dodge and strike back. Especially after she ends a combo by slamming the ground from above. Use Force Slow liberally if you want to get in more safe attacks, but Force Push isn’t necessary here.

You don’t need to completely defeat her in this encounter. Just take her down to 50% health to win the fight. Cal will get another chance to face her soon.

The Ninth Sister

The huge Inquisitor is faster than she looks. After doing damage to her, she’ll switch to her double-bladed lightsaber style and move much faster. You’ll encounter her on Kashyyk, before leaving the Shadowlands.

When she jumps backwards, she’ll do one of several moves — she’ll throw her lightsaber, charge forward with a tackle, spin her lightsaber rapidly for a swing attack, jump and strike the ground, or slam the ground and generate a shockwave. To escape the shockwave, you must jump.

Instead of using combos, she’ll unleash these attacks one after another, and eventually she’ll start chaining them together rapidly, so be prepared to dodge, even after she finishes a tackle. You don’t need to worry about parrying most of her attacks — dodge and wait for your openings. Force Slow is naturally great and giving you an easy opening for power attacks.


The bat-like Gorgara appears as you progress through Dathomir. It has a big red weakspot on its forehead, and you can attack that spot when you do enough damage — wait for it to stick a wing into the ground, then attack the wing to knock it off-balance. Stun both wings, and the monster will turn blue. Use Force Push to bring its head down, and you’ll stun it.

The monster flies and slams into the arena, generating a shockwave you’ll have to jump over. If you’re lucky, it’ll attempt to bite you on the ground, exposing its weak spot for a few attacks. While on the ground, it mostly tries to strike you with its wings, and will later jump into the air and crash back down between attacks.

If it glows red while on the ground, that means it’s about to perform a sweep attack. Back away to avoid it. If you get too close, the bat will flap its wings to knock you away for no damage.

Although the head is the weak spot, you can attack any part of the boss for damage. Focus on attacks to the wings between strikes, or on the body after it lands a big attack. Later in the fight, the boss will go nuts — attacking with chaotic rapid-fire attacks. Just try to avoid it until it finishes and slows down.

Once it stops — usually with a shockwave attack — you’ll be able to stun both wings with heavy attacks, pull down its head with Force Pull, and deal massive damage. At about 10% health, the monster retreats.

Taron Malicos

Malicos is a powerful former Jedi you’ll encounter when you return to the tomb on Dothamir. He tries to overwhelm you with fast attacks — when he separates both lightsabers and holds them out, block his flurry of attacks! At this point in the fight, he’ll try to attack with a powerful downward slash. Dodge and attack while he’s open.

After a combo, you can attack him even if he blocks. Just keep striking to break through his block meter and open him up to attack. He’ll also try to throw rocks at you — rush forward and attack him to interrupt. You can also use Force Push to reflect the attack, but that’s riskier.

He becomes much more aggressive in Phase 2. At 50% health, Taron throws both lightsabers and strikes. Time your blocks, and use Force Push liberally. Force Push, when used while he’s charging at you, will rapidly drain his block meter, making him open to attack.

Trilla Suduki

The Second Sister is unmasked, and appears as the final boss on the planet Nur. You’ll find her in the interrogation room in the depths of the Inquisitor fortress. She’s a master with a lightsaber. You’ll need to use all of your skills to win. I recommend upgrading your Health Stims so that you earn Force meter every time they’re used.

She’ll use her double-bladed lightsaber for staggered combo attacks, usually ending in a large swing. Precisely time your blocks to avoid breaking your guard, and attack when she finishes. She’ll usually pause after a big lunge-swing, leaving herself open to attack. She’ll also use the force to spin her lightsaber around her — dodge forward and attack while she’s exposed. It won’t hurt you if you’re close!

At 75% health, Trilla summons Probe Droids to attack you. You can reflect their shots or use Force Pull and Force Push to launch them at Trilla for a good amount of damage.

At any point, Trilla will stomp the ground and generate a shockwave you’ll have to jump over. It happens ridiculously fast, and it’s hard to predict. Thankfully, it doesn’t do too much damage. It will knock you off your feet, but Trilla pauses for a moment after the slam.

At 50% health, she becomes much more aggressive. She also adds a flash bomb to her moveset. Unless you Force Push the bomb away, it will flash you even if you’re far away from it. Heal before you fall under 50% health to stay alive, and keep plinking away at her to eventually win.

There’s one final encounter that I won’t spoil here! It isn’t quite a boss fight, but it’s still challenging. Goodluck, Jedi Knight!