Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – How To Open Locked Doors & Chests | BD-1 Scomp Link Guide

As you progress in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, you’ll encounter some annoyingly locked doors and treasure chests that refuse to open. As it turns out, you’ll need a special — and pretty optional — upgrade to open Imperial chests and doors. The item is called the Scomp Link, and if you find it, you can add it to your BD-1 droid’s arsenal.

BD-1 isn’t just a friendly droid, he’s a vital partner in your quest. BD-1 hangs out on our hero Cal’s shoulder while he’s busy using his force powers to dismantle the Empire, one Stormtrooper at a time. BD-1 comes into play in three ways — he can launch stims for Cal that heal you, he can scan objects in the environment to add to your data collection, and he can hack open Imperial locks. You won’t be able to do that last thing until you get this upgrade.

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Scomp Link Location Guide | BD-1 Hacking Upgrade

To get the BD-1 Scomp Link upgrade, you’ll first need to reach the planet Zeffo and earn the Force Push power for Cal. It’s required to access the area with this handy upgrade.

The Scomp Link allows your BD-1 droid to open locked chests all around the galaxy. You’ll get Force Push in the Tomb of Eilram. It can’t be missed.

To find the upgrade, start from the Meditation spot checkpoint at the Weathered Monument. Find the checkpoint on the island in the center with the red-lit metal wall-run, waterfall, and ice wall nearby. Go in the direction of the red-lit wall-run — just past the wall-run, there’s a cracked door you can smash open with Force Push.

The Scomp Link upgrade is just around and up a wall you can climb. This this upgrade, you can hack open Imperial chests and doors! Very, very useful for accessing areas that seem completely locked. It’s totally optional and can be missed early on.

If you’re stuck and want to unlock a few new paths forward, the Scomp Link is a good start.