Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Check Out This Wild Activision Game Console | Easter Egg Guide

Activision isn’t just a publisher in the world of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), it’s also a hardware company with it’s very own line of game consoles. Hidden in the Piccadilly map, you’ll find an arcade that’s full of very 1980s style arcade games — the kind of games you’d find at an Atari booth. You have to look a little more carefully, but there are consoles to find in the arcade — Activision consoles.

At the Piccadilly Circus arcade, you’ll find Max6 Arcade, Space Cade, War Beast, and an ActiBase Arcade Classics machine. But, what exactly is the ActiBase? It’s the name of a fictional Activision console, and you can see the device on the TVs mounted to the wall. Get a closer look at the ActiBase down below.

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Activision Game Console | Easter Egg Guide

As stated above, this is the ActiBase console — and it looks suspiciously like a retro Xbox One Slim console. The ActiBase is very clearly an Activision console — usually these games include old off-brand Xbox, WiiU or PlayStation consoles, but Infinity Ward made something slightly more creative this time.

The console is located on the Piccadilly map, if you want to take a much closer look. You can play the map on a Private Server with no bots for a leisurely experience. There are probably more instances of this console — you do visit a lot of houses in the game, but this is the easiest place to spot one.

It’s a pretty minor Easter egg, one that just shows how far our worlds have converged from the Call of Duty universe. Or it’s just a little developer / publisher ego-stroking. Either way, there aren’t too many Easter eggs in Modern Warfare (2019), so we have to take what we can get.