WWE 2K20 Fixes Coming in The Coming Weeks, Developers Announce on Twitter

The yearly rendition of WWE 2K20 has released this past week and it has been a rough launch to say the least.

While some gameplay elements of the game are enjoyable, the array of glitches make the game nearly unplayable. 2K Studios is aware of the situation and promises to address them in an upcoming patch. 

The developers took to Twitter to say the following:

It is nice to see that the developers are aware of the situation, however, WWE 2K20 launched with a ton of problems. Players are experiencing some of the weirdest bugs in the franchise’s history and that’s strange as you would expect it to run up to par to last years title. However, WWE 2K20 seems to be even worse than the previous year, hopefully 2K Games manage to fix the root of the cause, or at least get their ducks in a row for next year’s iteration.

WWE 2K20 has released to mixed reviews mostly due to its weird bugs players have been encountering. Gameranx’s very own, Jake Baldino shares his thoughts on the latest entry from the wrestling series saying, while its fun to play it feels a bit rushed. Check out his full thoughts here.

WWE 2K20 is officially available to purchase on all platforms.

Source: WWE 2K20 Twitter