Wolfenstein: Youngblood – How To Easily Farm Gold Coins | 1,000+ Coins Every 10 Minutes

Coins are a special currency you can use to purchase cosmetics like new skins for your powered suits in Wolfenstein: Youngblood. They’re also a microtransaction currency; meaning you can purchase Coins for real cash. Some of the fancy cosmetic suits are locked behind these Silver Coin purchases, so if you want to get them all, you can either pay up with real-world cash, or you can farm them.

This is a game that’s all about grinding. When you’re not leveling up, you’re earning kills to unlock Mastery on weapons. One thing you might not be farming is coins — you can find huge stacks of coins from yellow crates in the underground zones, but these only repopulate every 24 hours. If you want a quick, mindless farm to earn tons of coins with minimal effort, we’ve got an easy solution for you.

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How To Easily Farm Coins | 1,000+ Coins Every 10 Minutes

Here’s how the easy coin farm works. Open the level menu by talking to Abby in the Catacombs and replay the first stage — the mission to kill General Winkler on Der Nachtfalter blimp.

This run will earn you 214 coins each time. Start by riding the first lift down, then sprint by all the enemies. The goal is to run right past them so they don’t get alerted. In the first room, go through the door on the right and turn around. Kill the guard, and use the keypad to enter the next area. The code is 8431 every time.

Ahead, sneak through the vent and sprint down the hall. Turn right at the bar, and open the yellow hangar door. Just keep running, and the guards won’t even spot you. If you do both areas correctly, you’ll earn a ‘No Alerts’ bonus. This bonus gives you +107 coins each, for a total of +214 coins.

Once you get those coins, simply quit and reset the level from the Catacombs. You can run this as many times as you like. It takes less than two minutes for each run. That’s an easy 1,000+ coins every ten minutes.

Now you can purchase all the extra stuff you’re missing and complete your Nazi-smashing collection without spending more real cash.