Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Earn 5k Professor XP In A Single Weekend With This Fishing Trick

Increasing you professor level is so, so important in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Every time your Professor Level increases, you’ll get better at teaching, have more time blocks to spend, and you’ll be able to plant even more seeds at the garden. Boosting your professor level is tricky though, and if you follow the standard game, it’ll take a long time to reach those upper ranks.

But, there is a way to earn fast Professor XP — it just requires a lot of fishing bait. You can only buy so much bait per month, so I recommend grabbing as much as possible while you play and saving it for one very special event.

Normally, fishing is only good for earning about 100+ Professor XP. That’s great if you’re close to going over and want to grab the next rank, but it isn’t exactly the best boosting method. If you fish on a special event day called ‘A Fistful of Fishes’, it’s entirely possible to earn thousands of Professor XP.

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Earn 5k Professor XP In A Single Weekend With This Fishing Trick

You can only buy so much quality bait every month, so purchase everything you can each month to prepare. It’s best to stock up on 100+ bait — all for the ‘Fistful of Fishes‘ event.

There are multiple special fishing events, but the ‘Fistful of Fishes‘ event is the most important. Check your calendar monthly and scroll over the weekends. Checking your calendar, you’ll see every special event before it happens — the ‘Fistful of Fishes’ event causes you to catch double, triple, or quadruple fish.

When you spot the event, settle down and start fishing. You won’t just get more fish, you’ll also get x2, x3, or x4 experience depending on how many fish you catch. In an hour plus of fishing, you can very easily earn 5,000~ Professor XP.

That’s a whole lot of fish, and it’s an easy way to quickly increase your professor level. The trick is, you’ll want to aim for red or yellow fish icons — those are the rarest. Each bait has a guaranteed three attempts; make sure to catch the third fish that appears, or you’ll risk losing the bait.

Rare 5-Star Fish are the best, and they’re more likely to appear on special days. There are also other helpful events — one event reverses bait rarity, meaning rare fish can be more easily captured with low-ranking bait. If you fish every month, you’ll easily earn enough cash to buy out all the monthly bait and the monthly gifts.