Black Ops 4 Zombies: Alpha Omega – Input These Cheat Codes For Funny Lines & Free Rewards | Easter Egg Guide

Find Rushmore in this building, to the right of the Site Entrance.

Alpha Omega, the Black Ops 4 Zombies map included in DLC3, is all about punching numbers into a keypad. The main Easter egg is all about discovering hidden codes, and as it turns out, there are way more optional hidden codes you can use to make this map way easier — or just get a funny line out of your computer friend Rushmore.

There are a lot of codes, so we’re going to rundown the list and explain what each code can do. The numbers are always the same, so you can collect (and recollect) some of these bonus prizes multiple times. You can change the difficulty, give yourself free barrier unlocks, spawns power-ups, or learn backstory on the hidden research site.

These incredibly cheat codes were compiled (and discovered) by the amazing Black Ops 4 Zombies community, and more specifically, by u/KahPark on r/CODZombies.

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Input These Cheat Codes For Funny Lines & Free Rewards | Easter Egg Guide

You can input hidden optional codes in Rushmore’s keypad on the map ‘Alpha Omega’. These cheat codes are only available if you play Online / Classic — if you use mutations or play offline, you won’t be able to activate Rushmore or use his keypad.

How To Activate Rushmore: Rushmore is a special computer AI found in the Operations room. The computer can be switched on after completing the Pack-a-Punch steps and starting a new round.

There are lots of hidden Rushmore codes, so let’s go through the list — split between useful cheat codes and voice lines.

Cheat Codes:

2265 (BANK): Gives you 1,000 points.

7283 (RAVE): Rave lights appear in the Beds room.

7433 (SHED): Unlocks the shed door in the Yellow House backyard for free.

6662 (NOOB): Lowers Zombie difficult to Round 1.

3255 (FALL): Zombies will randomly trip and fall.

7843 (PUKE): Zombies barf when you hit them with a melee attack.

3279 (EASY): Gives Undeadman Walking for 5 minutes.

2739 (BREW): The ‘Brew’ perk machine is 50% off.

7632 (SODA): The ‘Soda’ perk machine is 50% off.

2652 (COLA): The ‘Cola’ perk machine is 50% off.

7225 (PACK): Spawns a Bonfire power-up.

8463 (TIME): Stops Zombies for 10 seconds.

2666 (AMMO): Drops a live grenade at your feet.

6853 (NUKE): Spawns a Nuke power-up.

3667 (DOOR): Gives you one free barrier purchase.

3825 (DUCK): Gives you Specialist Duck sound effects.

4867 (GUNS): Get a random gun every 15 seconds.

Voice Lines:

5433 (LIFE): Get a ‘Life’ quote from Rushmore.

8368 (VENT): Rushmore vents at you.

8459 (UGLY): Get a ‘Beauty’ quote from Rushmore.

5683 (LOVE): Confess your love to Rushmore.

1841 (QUIZ): Rushmore asks you quiz questions.

5653 (JOKE): Rushmore tells you a joke.

7664 (SONG): Plays the Secret Song ‘I Am The Well’ instantly.

8333 (TEDD): Unlocks Tedd, allowing you to interact with him.

0001 : Backstory #1

0002 : Backstory #2

0003 : Backstory #3

1001 : Backstory #4

1002 : Backstory #5

1003 : Backstory #6

1004 : Backstory #7

1005 : Backstory #8

1111 : Backstory #9