Hitman 2 (2018): New York: The Golden Handshake | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide


Earn a perfect 5 star execution in Hitman 2 with our complete ‘Suit Only, Silent Assassin’ achievement guide for New York: The Golden Handshake. This is the first of two DLC missions, placing Agent 47 in an upscale investment bank, run by an evil secret society that gladly drains cash from the poor. It’s up to you to break in and get out without anyone knowing you were there.

Below, I’ve devised my own strategy for earning Silent Assassin, Suit Only — it is complicated, but this method is also completely safe and easy to replicate. There’s nothing tricky about this method, and you don’t have to worry about saving your game. Personally, I think this plan is foolproof. It took lots (and lots) of replanning sessions to figure out every angstrom of this plan, but I think this is the best possible way to complete ‘The Golden Handshake’.

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New York: The Golden Handshake | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide

To complete ‘The Golden Handshake’ and earn Silent Assassin, Suit Only — you don’t need to bring any special items or unlocks. You can enter with just your suit and still successfully navigate this complex mission area.

No preparation required, but it helps to play through the level first before attempting this so you can familiarize yourself with the areas described in this guide.

Objective #1: Retrieve Vault Data Core

Start by going to the Waiting Area to the left — get frisked by the guard, and then grab the Crowbar on the bench near the janitor fixing the broken vending machine.

Take the Crowbar down to the Vault basement. Use it to crack open the locked door to the left of the Security Key gate. Enter the IT Department Room, grabbing the Janitor Key on the desk to the left of the Server Room door.

Enter the Server Room, and disable the Vault Security Switch. A High Security Guard will come investigate, so hide in the basket. Knock this guard out, and hide his body. Pick up the Security Keycard he drops, and make sure to Enable the Security Switch or you’ll just keep attracting more guards.

Before you leave, grab the Briefcase. It’s in the hallway past the IT Department, on a shelf behind a Janitor and a Security Guard. You’ll need it to conceal the Data Core on your way out.

Go to the Vault and crouch to sneak past the Security Room. Behind the room, use the Janitor Key to open the wall-mounted locker and collect the Chloroform Flask. Go to the Garage and use the Chloroform Flask on the Air Conditioner.

Enable the Air Conditioner with the blue switch near the Security Room door to knock out all the guards. Turn off the air, then go inside and destroy the evidence to make movement easier.

In the Security Room, pick up the Safety Deposit Master Key. It’s held by the guard at the main terminal desk. Use it to open the Safety Deposit locker in the Security Room, where you’ll find the Vault Keycard. Use the Vault Keycard on the raised silver podium in the Security Room to unlock the main Vault button.

Go down and open the Vault from the podium near the vault door, then disable the security laser grid with the Vault Keycard. Now you can simply collect the Data Core and hide it in your Briefcase to move around freely.

Objective #2: Eliminate Athena Savalas

Now that you have the Data Core (hidden in a Briefcase) and the Safety Deposit Master Key, we can move onto the final stage of this mission.

Go back to the public area of the underground, and enter the room with the sleeping guard. From there, go into the room with the two researchers — in the back corner, to the left as you enter, unlock the Safety Deposit Locker and collect the Cronkite Report.

Return to the first floor, and find Ruby Red. She’s a woman with red hair — from the entrance, you’ll find her to the right of the stairs to the Vault. Exiting the basement, she’s to the left. Approach her, and you can give her the Cronkite Report. Do it.

This causes a chain reaction, so you have to move fast. Before long, the bank’s stock prices will crash, luring Athena Savalas out of her office.

Drop the briefcase anywhere near the guard at the entrance to the Waiting Area. Get frisked, and go to the second floor. Move down the hallway to the receptionist talking about a job interview. Go left and you’ll find a pipe on the wall. Climb up this pipe — don’t worry, nobody will see you!

At the top, wait in the locker. Eventually Athena Savalas will make a phone call in this room. Assassinate her and hide the body, then climb back down using the pipe. You need to reach this room before she arrives — if you’re too slow, she won’t come back. She only makes this one phone call after turning in the Cronkite Report.

A guard will (most likely) pick up the briefcase you left behind and place it in the Lost And Found room. It’s very easy to access — go back to the guard protecting the Waiting Area stairs, and use the Janitor Key to unlock the back door to the Lost And Found. Grab your briefcase, and then leave through the front door.

Now that’s what I call a slick operation. Good work, 47. See you next time, when we’re talking the second DLC mission in paradise.