Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – How To Find The Hidden Jump-Scare Monster | No. 44 Easter Egg Guide

There’s a terrifying monster lurking in the fringes of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night — and you can find it with a little patience. This jump-scare creature is located in an area you can’t access the first time through, and it’s well-hidden enough that many players struggle to even find it. The mythical No. 44 demon in your bestiary can kill you in an instant, and here’s how to find it.

Even if you don’t own the game, this Easter egg is worth checked out — it’s bizarre and spooky in equal measure, and it’s the perfect secret for a spiritual continuation of Symphony of the Night, which was filled with strange, bizarre little hidden interactions just like this. It isn’t just hard to find, this monster is also incredibly hard to kill. Below, I’ll explain exactly how to find it and offer a few tips to help you kill it. You can also check out the video above for all the details.

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How To ind The Hidden Jump-Scare Monster | No. 44 Easter Egg Guide

To find the jump-scare demon, travel to the Bridge of Evil and board the train. The first time you ride the train to the Underground Sorcery Lab, you’re stuck on a time limit. After that, you can reboard and take your time.

After leaving the cargo car, enter the first passenger car. There’s an open window with a view of the castle in the distance. Sit down and wait — don’t move, just keep waiting. Eventually, the monster will appear in the distance and jump-scare you! This slimy, weird monster appears after the jump-scare and attacks.

You’ll die extremely quickly and become cursed. You can’t let the monster look at you. When it looks at you, you’ll continuously take damage.

How To Kill No. 44: There are two strategies that work, but I recommend saving this monster until after you’ve done everything else in the game — including defeating OD the secret boss.

After summoning the demon, you can either hide on the roof and spam projectiles down at the monster, or you can equip the TimeStop shard you collect from OD.

Stop time and spam attacks on the monster when you’re behind it — don’t attack from the front or you’ll still die, even if you’ve stopped time.

There’s no amazing reward for defeating this monster. It’s just a very well-hidden Easter egg, and killing it will help you 100% your bestiary. In a game like this, finding all the secrets is the best part.