Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – All The Ways You Can Earn XP | Leveling Guide

Earning XP is kind of important in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and not every activity will help you gain levels. In Pokemon GO, levels were just a way to unlock rewards. In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you’ll need to gain levels to improve your skills and enhance your class — each class has a skill tree, and you’ll be able to select the skills you want when you level up. Basically, leveling up is a lot more important here, and learning what activities to complete daily will help you level up even faster.

There are three professions in Wizards Unite — you can be an Auror, a Magizoologist, or a Professor. Each profession has its own skills, stats and spells; and you can switch classes at any time. If you want to swap, you’ll have to dump all your previously learned spells and start from scratch, so it’s important to pick your class wisely. Each class has different deficiencies and proficiencies, making them stronger / weaker against certain creatures, and they all have specific roles in the game. If you’re playing with friends, you might want to coordinate to fill all the roles and support each other when you’re taking down fortresses in the real world.

You won’t be able to do any of that without earning XP. Here are all the different wants to gain XP in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

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All The Ways You Can Earn XP | Leveling Guide

To get stronger, you’ll want to gain levels in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. To do that, you need to gain XP — and not every activity gives you XP. Here’s a quick list of tasks you should focus on, and which ones give you the most XP.

  • NOTE: Brain Elixir increases XP gained by +100% — it doubles the amount of XP you earn while the effect is active.

Mysteries XP Rewards

You’ll earn 500 XP for every Mysteries tab quest you complete in the Registry.

NOTE: You don’t earn double XP when using Brain Elixir from completing Mysteries in the Registry.

Monthly / Daily XP Rewards

For collecting two inns, you’ll earn 250 XP per day.

For completing a certain amount tasks and logging in every day, you’ll earn Monthly rewards. These are only unlocked after a certain amount of days.

  • Monthly Rewards Tab:
    • 2nd: 150 XP
    • 5th: 200 XP
    • 9th: 250 XP
    • 12th: 300 XP
    • 16th: 350 XP
    • 19th: 400 XP
    • 23rd: 450 XP
    • 26th: 500 XP
    • 30th: 150 XP

NOTE: You don’t earn double XP when using Brain Elixir from completing Daily / Monthly tasks.

Fortress XP Rewards

Fortresses are one of the most obvious ways to earn XP — but it actually makes more sense to replay low level fortresses if you’re eager for XP. Tougher fortresses don’t give you an exponentially higher amount of XP early on.

Lvl. 1: 250 XP / Lvl. 2: 260 XP / Lvl. 3: 270 XP / Lvl. 4: 280 XP / Lvl. 5: 290 XP / Lvl. 6: 300 XP / Lvl. 7: 310 XP / Lvl. 8: 320 XP / Lvl. 9: 330 XP / Lvl. 10: 350 XP / Lvl. 11: 360 XP / Lvl. 12: 370 XP / Lvl. 13: 380 XP / Lvl. 14: 390 XP / Lvl. 15: 400 XP / Lvl. 16: 410 XP / Lvl. 17: 420 XP / Lvl. 18: 430 XP / Lvl. 19: 440 XP / Lvl. 20: 450 XP

You gain +10 XP for every level about Level 1 — with the exception of Level 10, which adds +20 XP once, and then adds +10 XP for each subsequent level.

For failing a Fortress, you earn 50 XP.

Trace XP Rewards

When accomplishing Traces, you’ll gain XP for a successful cast, for the level of the trace, and bonus XP for certain situations.

Depending on the level of the Trace, you’ll earn more or less XP.

  • Trace Danger Level – XP Rewards:
    • Low: 50 XP
    • Medium: 75 XP
    • High: 150 XP
    • Severe: 250 XP
    • Emergency: 500 XP

If you encounter an Oddity, these creatures give you slightly different XP rewards.

  • Oddities – XP Rewards:
    • Pixie: 50 XP
    • Centaur: 100 XP
    • Vampire: 150 XP
    • Werewolf: 150 XP

Depending on how well you cast your spells, you’ll earn more or less XP.

  • Cast – XP Rewards:
    • Masterful: 100 XP
    • Great: 50 XP
    • Good: 20 XP
    • Fair: 0 XP

You can also earn bonus XP for completing certain tasks during a Trace.

  • Bonus Tasks – XP Rewards:
    • Use a New Spell: +200 Bonus XP
    • First Time Collected: +250 Bonus XP
    • First Cast Bonus: +10 Bonus XP

Portkey XP Rewards

Finally, Portkeys can give you a huge amount of XP, but it’s also very, very variable. Depending on the distance of wrackspurt, you can get 50 XP, 450 XP, or even 2000 XP.

Portkeys are effected by Brain Elixir, so you can gain a huge amount of XP for completing these.

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