Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – All Four Secret Room Keys | Backer Rooms Guide

There are four secret rooms you can unlock in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night — and each one containers a secret that’s worth checking out. Whether you’re fighting an animated casino slot-machine or an evil carpenter in his workshop, these are all awesome little secrets that you should really explore. Each of these doors is locked, and you’ll have to locate the keys to open them — and we’ve got all the information in the full video guide above.

All of these rooms are Kickstarter Backer rewards — they aren’t all bosses. The Celeste Room, for example, only has a few nice music boxes playing songs. You’ll still need to unlock all of these doors to earn 100% completion, so hunting these keys is mandatory if you’re aiming to fight O.D. the secret boss, or if you’re eager to hunt down lots (and lots) of easy coins.

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All Four Secret Room Keys | Backer Rooms Guide

There are four secret rooms — but only one of them is really important. To find them all, check the video guide above for all the details, locations and boss fights.

But, the Millionaire’s Room is one of the most important spots. This room is located in the Hall of Termination, and you won’t miss it — get the Jackpot Shard from the Millionaire’s Bane boss fight in the backer room, and then use it constantly during the fight. You can even keep using it after the boss is dead.

Normally, you’ll earn 8,000 coins per boss defeat, but if you use Jackpot you can easily earn x10 that amount — about 80,000 coins per run. You can refight this boss constantly, so there’s nothing stopping you from spamming the battle over and over again. Once you’re strong enough to beat the true final boss and O.D., this fight should be a breeze.