Layers of Fear 2: How To Find All The Spyglass Objects | ‘Fisher King’ Guide

Layers of Fear 2 is full of mysterious ways you can interact with its cinematic world. When you first arrive in the cabin, your in-game hub, you’ll find strange walls, odd display cases, exit doors to nowhere, and a spyglass with seemingly no purpose. Actually, that spyglass does have a purpose, and if you’re an eagle-eyed player, you might spot items bobbing in the waters.

There are several collectible items you can unlock as you progress through the story — all you have to do is look through the spyglass and zoom-in on an item for a long amount of time. Each item only appears after certain chapters are complete, so if you’ve already finished the game, you’ll need to speedrun through chapters to return to the cabin and scan the seas for more objects.

Below, I’ll explain how to get all the objects and complete your collection for the ‘Fisher King‘ achievement / trophy.

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How To Find All The Spyglass Objects | ‘Fisher King’ Guide

There are six spyglass objects to collect in Layers of Fear 2 — to find them, complete Chapter 1 and check the spyglass on the second floor of your cabin. One is located after every chapter. To collect an object, search the water until you see an item. Zoom-in on the object for a few seconds to collect it.

For finding one object, you’ll earn the ‘Fisherman‘ achievement / trophy. For finding all six, you’ll get the ‘Fisher King‘ achievement / trophy.

To get each item, simply check the locations below. When you find an item, it will appear near the spyglass stand.

Spyglass Object #1: After completing Chapter 1, get the boat floating in the water through the spyglass.

Spyglass Object #2: After Chapter 2, check the spyglass again to get the cage in the water.

Spyglass Object #3: After Chapter 3, search for a black flag in the distance, sticking out of the water on a pirate ship.

Spyglass Object #4: After Chapter 5, look for a shoe in the water to the left, closer to your spyglass. It’s very dark, so look carefully.

Spyglass Object #5: In NG+, before starting Chapter 1, use the spyglass and look down in the water. There’s a painting to collect here.

Spyglass Object #6: The final item is the trickiest. You can collect this item at any point in the game — just use the spyglass and look toward the horizon. Wait 42 seconds without moving, and the conch shell will spawn in the center of the water.

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