Days Gone: Character Collectibles Guide | All 33 Locations

You’ll meet a lot of friends and enemies in Days Gone — and all of them have their own unique character collectibles. These special collectibles are usually found near the characters themselves, and they reveal new wrinkles to these (sometimes) complicated people. You’ll also need them if you’re aiming to unlock the ‘Broken Roadshow’ achievement / trophy, so let’s not mess around here.

For once, a map is totally unnecessary. Instead, I’ll just straight up describe where you need to go to get these suckers. Character collectibles are located in named locations on the map, and they’re mostly found in the camp sites you’ll call home. They’re not always in these camps — there are a handful of trickier collectibles, but they’re also located in very distinct places. Just check the guide below to easily get them all.

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All Character Collectibles Locations Guide

There are 33 Character Collectibles total — 7 of the 33 are collected automatically in the main story. You can’t miss them. The rest are absolutely missable, and I’ll explain where you can find them all in the full guide below.

Collectible #1: Copeland’s Camp – Behind the Mechanic’s desk.

Collectible #2: Copeland’s Camp – To the right of the Mechanic, on a table near the disassembled truck.

Collectible #3: Copeland’s Camp – In Copeland’s Room at the very top of the camp, on his radio desk.

Collectible #4: Copeland’s Camp – Right next to the previous collectible, in Copeland’s Room.

Collectible #5: Tucker’s Camp – On a table to the left of Alkai at the gun shop.

Collectible #6: Tucker’s Camp – On the bench, right next to where Tucker is sitting.

Collectible #7: Next Door To Lisa’s House – In the yellow house, in the kitchen. 

Collectible #8: Inside Lisa’s House – In the first floor kitchen.

Collectible #9: Iron Mike’s Camp – In the house Deacon shares with Boozer. 

Collectible #10: Iron Mike’s Camp – In the same house as the previous collectible.

Collectible #11: Iron Mike’s Camp – In Rikki’s House. Look for a small wood cabin on the southern edge of the camp.

Collectible #12: Iron Mike’s Camp – There’s another in Rikki’s House, hanging from the wall near the door.

Collectible #13: Iron Mike’s Camp – In Skizzo’s House. You’ll visit his house after he is imprisoned.

Collectible #14: Iron Mike’s Camp – There’s another you can find in Skizzo’s House.

Collectible #15: Iron Mike’s Camp – On a table, to the left of the fireplace in the large lodge at the top of the camp.

Collectible #16: Iron Mike’s Camp – At the top of the stairs in the large lodge, on a small table.

Collectible #17: Iron Mike’s Camp – Inside the hospital, near the main entrance to Iron Mike’s Camp.

Collectible #18: Iron Mike’s Camp – Upstairs in the hospital, on a desk.

Collectible #19: Captain Kouri’s Camp – Inside Captain Kouri’s Camp, in his tent in the southeast corner of the area. The collectible is on the foot locker.

Collectible #20: Colonel Garret’s Camp – Found near Taylor’s Bunk. From the front (north) entrance, find a tent up the hill and to the right.

Collectible #21: Colonel Garret’s Camp – In the same tent, on a different foot locker.

Collectible #22: Colonel Garret’s Camp – Found in the Doctor’s Tent. You’ll get to know this location as the story progresses.

Collectible #23: Colonel Garret’s Camp – At the very top of Wizard Island, find the Colonel’s command tent. There is a collectible inside. 

Collectible #24: Colonel Garret’s Camp – There’s a second collectible in this command tent.

Collectible #25: Later in the story, Deacon will revisit the company compound where his wife worked. Go to this compound and check inside the guard station. There’s a character collectible inside.

Collectible #26: The final collectible is in the second floor labs of the compound, in the back-right corner near a laptop.