Days Gone: All Historic Landmarks Locations Guide | Complete Collectibles Map

The wild, untamed world of Days Gone is steeped in history, and if you’re hungry to grab a bunch of tourist collectibles, you can do it with our full historic landmark locations maps. We’ve got all the spots marked — all you have to do is take a close look and travel to the markers.

To make life easier, I recommend opening your map once you’re close to the locations shown below — once you’ve cleared the fog, these spots will reveal themselves and you can place a GPS icon that’ll lead you directly to each one.

Some of these landmarks are found in sensible areas — outside major locations on the map, where it only makes sense you’d find a plaque. Other times, you’ll have to explore the deep forests and mountains to locate a big weird rock with text on it. That’s just how these landmarks area. Check out all the locations with the map below.

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All Historic Landmarks Locations Guide | Complete Collectibles Map

Historic Landmarks are a special type of collectible in Days Gone. They’ll appear on your map when you clear out Ambush Camps — if you want to find them easier without a map, just travel to each unlock area of the map and search for plumes of black smoke. That’s a sure sign of an Ambush Camp. Clear out the camp, defeat all the bandits, then open their bunker. Down below, you’ll find a map of the area.

Using the map will reveal the surrounded area, and place any landmarks you’ve missed on the map. You’ll also unlock other handy locations, like NERO Research Sites or checkpoints.

Historic Landmarks Map

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Original Map Source: [u/Nanetillo]