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days gone

There’s more to the ending of Days Gone — after you’ve completed the final mission, there’s still something waiting for you in the open-world. There’s a final bombastic twist to the story that we’re not going to spoil here, but we will explain how to find it.

In Days Gone, you play as a biker just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. Instead of zombies, you’ll be fighting monstrous ‘freaks’ — infected humans that have transformed due to a weird virus. You’ll have to scavenge for rare bullets, fuel, and scrap to stay alive after society collapses, fighting nightmarish cultists and crazy militias. Humans might be your deadliest opponents, until you encounter a horde of hundreds of freaks. When a horde descends on you, it’s going to be difficult to survive.

Check out the steps below to learn how to get the bonus ending. Along with the extra ending, there’s also a secret weapon you’ll acquire. Keep scrolling for all the details.

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How To Unlock The Bonus Ending | Best Ending Guide


To get a bonus ending in Days Gone, which lays down a pretty mind-blowing cliffhanger, you’ll need to first complete the main story of the game. Keep playing the game until you reach the final mission and watch the credits.

In the post-credits, you’ll return to the open-world. Now you can clear out any leftover side-missions, capture NERO Research Sites, or burn Freak Nests. Just keep doing any of these activities until you get a call from O’Brian.

After enough time has passed, O’Brian will contact you over the radio. That will begin the true final mission, ‘There’s Nothing You Can Do’ found in the Old Pioneer Cemetary. Go and meet him for a bombshell revelation.

Complete the mission, and you’ll also get a secret NERO craftable weapon that uses ICPA Tech. You’ll find ICPA tech as you progress through the game, and now you can finally use it.