Days Gone: How To Unlock All Horde Locations & Successfully Destroy Them All

One of the most frightening sights you’ll see in Days Gone is a horde. A horde consists of 100+ zombies, all roaming together — if you’re not prepared, these deadly encounters are straight-up impossible. You’ll need a whole lot of bullets, explosives, and a few tricks up your sleeve to wipe these killer groups off the map.

And there’s a way to unlock every location on the map. Below, I’ll share my tips for taking down hordes, and how to actually unlock them all on your map. It’s probably best to save horde-hunting for late in your adventure — like very late. I recommend waiting until the end-game, after you’ve completed the main story, to go back and wipe out any remaining hordes. You’ll need to be well-equipped before even attempting to face-off against these small armies of undead.

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How To Unlock All Horde Locations & Successfully Destroy Them All

Before I get into my tips for taking out hordes, there’s a way to get all the hordes marked on your map. It’s very simple, but it only happens after finishing up the story.

  • Reach the end-game and complete the story to unlock all Horde Locations on your map.

In the end-game, you won’t just unlock horde locations. More hordes will also spawn, so you’ll have even more of these challenging encounters to deal with. Here’s how to prepare for the worst.


Tips For Killing Hordes

Before hunting a horde, make sure to craft lots of explosives. Molotovs, grenades and attractor bombs are your friends. You’ll also want to bring automatic weapons — semi-auto weapons and shotguns aren’t going to help you fight dozens of freaks all at the same time. Equip any LMG, like the RPD / M60 as your Primary, and an SMG side-arm.

  • NOTE: Focus is incredibly useful in fights against the horde. Charge up Focus with NERO Injectors and unlock skills that make Focus more useful. This way, you can take out small groups of the horde while aiming, then retreat to recharge.

Go hunting for hordes during the day time. At night, hordes are active and roaming. During the day, hordes are dormant and naturally clustered up in a single location. You’ll be able to spot the horde and begin planning — don’t attack them right away. Search the area around them.

Look for natural chokepoints and explosive barrels. When you activate the horde, they’ll be coming for you. Retreat to any areas of the map where you can fend them off — even better, place mines at chokepoints or on the edges of the horde. After activating the cluster, they’ll come running straight for you.

Start by throwing multiple explosives into the horde cluster while they’re dormant. This will activate them, and the horde will charge straight for you. Retreat to any explosive barrels and set them off, or lead them into traps you’ve placed ahead of time.

After your opening salvo, climb onto a roof and throw an attractor bomb. This will distract at least some of the main horde — wipe out whatever you can that’s still chasing you, then toss a Molotov at the attracted freaks.

Combine all these tips, making use of your LMGs / SMGs with Focus for headshots, and you should be able to defeat a horde. In the worst case scenario, you can always jump on your bike and escape before you’re completely surrounded. At least swarms can’t move faster than your souped-up ride.