Days Gone: All NERO Injector Locations | How To Fully Upgrade Health, Stamina & Focus

Life is a lot easier in the post-apocalypse when you’re fully-upgraded in Days Gone. In Days Gone, you’ll want to track down special NERO Injectors, found in cases scattered across Oregon. Getting them all will help you permanently increase three major stats — health, stamina, and focus. If you’re wondering where to find them all, check out the map below. We’ve marked every location with a big pointer.

The map is surprisingly big, and the map itself might be considered a huge story spoiler. If you don’t want to spoil anything about this game, wait until you’ve completed the story and then come back here for all those juicy NERO injectors.

There are other ways to upgrade yourself in Days Gone. By completing quests, you’ll earn XP and unlock skill points. Skill points can make your attacks stronger, or make you a better shot, but they won’t give you more XP. If you’re dying fast and want to increase your survival rate, you’ll want to hunt these rare containers down. Just remember that the marks on the map might actually lead into caves, or to hard-to-reach areas of the map. Open your map and select the markers as they appear when you’re close — the GPS might make your life way easier.

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All NERO Injector Locations | How To Fully Upgrade Health, Stamina & Focus

NERO Injectors are located in two different types of locations — NERO checkpoints, and NERO research sites. NERO checkpoints are special fast-travel spots where you can sleep and unlock a gun locker. To make a NERO checkpoint available, you need to gas up the generator and turn it on.

Sometimes you’ll need to repair the generator using scrap, or by finding a fresh fuse for the fuse box. Every time you activate the generator, you’ll also activate any nearby loudspeakers. Search the area for red loudspeakers — there are two on every structure. You’ll also find speakers on the checkpoint guardhouses, or on tall floodlights. Follow the wires from the central generator to locate the speakers and destroy them all before turning on the generator.

If loudspeakers are activated, freaks will always appear. If there is a horde nearby, they will quickly descend on your location.

NERO Research Sites are often inhabited by hordes — or they’re difficult to reach. You’ll need to unlock a good engine and Nitro boosters for your bike before you’ll be able to jump some of the ramps required to access certain Research Sites. These are much easier once you locate them; you can simply open the container and loot the injectors inside.

All NERO Injector Locations Map

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