Days Gone: 12 Anarchist Cairn Locations | ‘Go Kick Rocks’ Map

If you’re looking to 100% complete Days Gone, you’ll need to find these stacks of rocks called Anarchist Cairns. Thankfully, you don’t need to kick down more than 12 of these suckers — there are way more than 12 on the map, and many are located in the final zone of the game. They’re completely unmarked, so the only way to find them is to randomly stumble into them.

In a game with a map this big, that isn’t an easy task. Most of them are located near Freak Horde locations, at the mouths of caves, or on high peaks. Some are under bridges — and when you finally start unlocking missions near the end of the story where you fight well-armed Anarchist enemies, then you’ll find a handful of Anarchist Cairns in easy-to-spot locations.

If you’re not willing to wait until the end of the game, check out the map below for 12 straightforward spots you can grab.

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12 Anarchist Cairn Locations | ‘Go Kick Rocks’ Map

Anarchist Cairns are little stacks of rocks. When you interact with them, you’ll kick them down. There are way, way more than 12 on the map, but you can check the map below if you still need more and don’t want to search this huge map.

Knock down 12 cairns to unlock the ‘Go Kick Rocks‘ achievement / trophy.

More will appear in the game’s final location, Highway 97 — the militia will send you on missions to fight well-armed Anarchists. One of these missions features 3-4 Anarchist Cairns alone, which will help bolster your collection if you haven’t been seeking them out.

Anarchist Cairn Map

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