Devil May Cry 5: 30 Easter Eggs & References You Probably Missed [VIDEO]

There are so many references and Easter eggs in Devil May Cry 5, you guys. The fifth title in the ‘main’ series is a fan’s wet dream, filled with call-backs to basically everything that’s appeared in the series before. There are references to DMC light novels nobody read, and to the anime series — references only the biggest DMC-heads will ever understand. And the rabbit hole goes far, far deeper.

Want examples? Baby, we’ve got plenty of examples. Everyone knows about Lady and Trish — Dante’s cool-headed companions throughout this adventure — but did you know Nico, Nero’s mobile robot-hand engineer, is actually related to two different characters? Not only that, but those characters are completely inconsequential in the grand scheme of these stories, and most people won’t even remember them.

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That’s the easy stuff. If you want to dig into the heavy reading, we can talk about the origins of the evil demonic figure you fight — Urizen is the main villain of DMC5. He’s also a reference to the invented mythology of William Blake, a 17th Century English poet. In William Blake’s mythology, Urizen is a cruel god of reason and tradition. If you listen to mystery-man (and third protagonist) V’s utterings, you’ll also notice that he likes to read William Blake poetry. Coincidence?

Look, there’s a lot of weird Easter egg-y stuff in the game, and if you want to get it all explained to you, check out the video above for a lengthy breakdown. Secrets like these really get my blood pumping. Now flock off, feather-face.*

*Para-phrased. An actual line spoken by Dante.