Devil May Cry 5: There’s A Secret Ending Right At The Start, Here’s How To Unlock It

You can ‘beat’ Devil May Cry 5 in the Prologue and earn yourself a secret ending. The Prologue features an unbeatable boss battle — except you can actually win. To do it, you’ll need to be very, very good at the game, or you can use a trick to easily win. We’ll talk about both methods.

This is an awesome little secret, and it isn’t the first game to feature a prologue ending. Famously, Far Cry 5 (and Far Cry 4) had their own prologue endings, stopping the story before it even begins. The twist here is all about beating a legendary boss right at the start of the game. You can either play extremely well to bring this monster down, or you can ‘cheat’ with a particular difficulty setting. Check out the secret ending and the best method for watching it below.

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There’s A Secret Ending Right At The Start, Here’s How To Unlock It

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In the Prologue of Devil May Cry 5, you’re expected to fail. Nero travels to the throne of the underworld to defeat the usurper king. If you fail, the story will continue as normal. But, if you somehow manage to win, you’ll get a quick text ending.

To win, you’ll either need to be extremely good at the game, or you can use another method. Swap to ‘Heaven or Hell‘ difficulty, and everything takes one hit to kill. You and every enemy die in a single hit. That includes bosses — like the Prologue boss. Swap to this difficulty mode, and you’ll be able to win much, much easier than normal.

After that, taking down the boss rewards you with the ending. It’s white text on a black background, so don’t expect anything too fancy. The text reads:

“The one who usurped the demon throne was vanquished. Peace returned to the world above.

Indeed, this was the perfect conclusion all had hoped for. 

Come, raise your fist in victory and celebration. A new legend has been born.” 

After that short ending, you’ll earn the ‘Well, I’ll Be Damned‘ achievement / trophy. Congratulations! You saved the day and you didn’t even have to try that hard.