Devil May Cry 5: How To Farm Infinite Red Orbs Fast | Dr. Faust Trick Guide

Red Orbs are the currency of the Devil May Cry series, and one particular special weapon trades in Red Orbs to function. In Devil May Cry 5, you’ll earn the unique Dr. Faust weapon later in the story — naturally, only Dante can get a weapon this ridiculous. It’s a hat that feeds on Red Orbs. It sucks the Red Orbs straight out of enemies, and if you use it properly, will cause defeated enemies to spawn even more Red Orbs than usual.

Right after acquiring the Dr. Faust, you’ll get a pretty good chance to use it. At the last checkpoint, there’s a swarm of enemies to fight that spawn from nests. Use the Dr. Faust here, and you can earn orbs to the tune of 40,000+ in a single burst. And because it’s so close to a checkpoint, you can just reset and continue to earn. If you’re crazy about unlocking everything in the customization shop, this is a pretty good way to get things done.

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How To Farm Infinite Red Orbs Fast | Dr. Faust Trick Guide

Red Orbs are the currency of DMC5. Earning Red Orbs will let you unlock skills and permanent upgrades for your characters faster — making the game (and especially the bosses) easier. The more stuff you unlock, the easier time you’ll have earning those rare SSS style scores.

To farm for an infinite amount of Red Orbs — or about 80,000 per minute, you’ll need to reach Mission 13 with the Dr. Faust weapon for Dante.

  • Go to Mission 13 and equip Dr. Faust on Dante.
    • Upgrade Dr. Faust to Lvl. 3 or Lvl. 4 — you can farm with any level, but the higher the level, the more you’ll earn.
  • Reach the last checkpoint / customization statue of the mission. Drop through the hole — the objective is to destroy the blood clots and nests.
  • Drop through the hole, and then use Dr. Faust in Ranged Stance [Left D-Pad]. Lock-on and attack the enemies as they appear.
    • Defeat them all, and you’ll earn an insane amount of Red Orbs.

Dr. Faust is a unique weapon that actually sucks the Red Orbs out of enemies. If you use it poorly, you’ll waste Red Orbs. If you use it well, you can earn a huge bonus of Red Orbs — it causes more Red Orbs to spawn, and it becomes more effective when leveled up. Really, you can pull this trick in multiple areas in the game, but this is the earliest spot it becomes useful — you’ll find Dr. Faust in Mission 13.

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