Apex Legends: Where To Drop For High Tier Loot | Best Locations Guide

Like every Battle Royale, Apex Legends starts you with nothing — you’ll have to drop onto an expansive map and scavenge gear to survive. You won’t last long if you’re outgunned, and there are certain spots on the map that always drop enhanced items. There are four tiers of gear, and you can get Level 3 items right off the bat if you know where to land.

Depending on the location you drop, you can find high-grade items, mid-grade items, or low-grade items. If you follow the big pillar of light, you’ll fight over a fully-enhanced weapon. It’s your choice whether you go to a high-traffic area, or a spot with weaker items, but fewer faces. Here, you’ll find what level of items appear in every single named locations. Yes, it’s always the same for now. But, the developers at Respawn Entertainment have promised more maps. We’ll have to wait and see if that leads to more randomization — for now, you can always count on the locations listed below.

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Where To Drop For High Tier Loot | Best Locations Guide

The best drop locations in Apex Legends seem to be static — they aren’t randomized. Certain locations will always start with purple-tier (Level 3) loot. Other locations will have blue-tier, and one specific spot will have an orange-tier (Level 4) weapon to collect.

These locations are high-tier loot areas. All the chests will contain Level 3 gear — that means you’ll find better weapons, upgrades, and armor. Level 3 Gear is essentially the same as Level 4 Gear, the only difference is that Level 4 gear has a special attribute. Otherwise, the stats are exactly the same.

  • Purple Tier Loot Locations:
    • Artillery
    • Relay
    • Runoff
    • Swamps
    • The Pit
    • Bunker
    • Airbase
    • Thunderdome
    • Water Treatment
    • Repulsor
  • Blue Tier Loot Locations:
    • Slum Lakes
    • Cascades
    • Wetlands
    • Bridges
    • Skull Town
  • Gray Tier Loot Locations:
    • Hydro Dam
    • Market

High-tier loot locations are more likely to be high-traffic areas, naturally, as every players rushes these spots for purple quality weapons and armor. That makes these locations more dangerous. Unnamed outposts and structures on the map will either be blue or gray — purple loot is only found in named locations on the map.

Of course, none of that matters if you’re dead. A team of three with even gray weapons can kill well-equipped warriors with good aiming and the right tactics. You’re free to fight it out in the named locations first, or risk getting weaker items while fighting better-equipped foes. If you win, you’ll be able to loot their stuff.