Apex Legends: There’s a Stuffed Dino Easter Egg & Reaching Him Is Not Easy

Apex Legends is a certified hit — with over 10 million players in less than a week. That’s a lot of people playing, and a lot of people searching every nook and cranny for anything at all interesting hidden in the massive map. Well, there is an Easter egg you can find, but it’s only available in the training map. It’s a tiny stuffed dinosaur, and it is absolutely possible to reach. But, it’s a little tricky. You’ll need to practice your tightrope skills for this one.

Based on the Titanfall series, Apex Legends is set in a sci-fi future where people have explored the stars, and encountered giant alien creatures. You can spot a few of these enormous beasts in the distance on the training map. The actual Easter egg is located on a giant set of bones that encompasses most of the training area — and your goal is to drop right on top of those bones.

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How To Find The Stuffed Dino Easter Egg


To reach the stuffed dino Easter egg, you’ll need to load up the Training map. Even though there are objectives, you’re free to explore the map and ignore your trainer. To reach the dino, you’ll need to climb all the way up onto the huge dinosaur bones above the training area. It’s a long climb, so here’s how to get there — step-by-step.

  • Load up the Training map, then go to the tower to the right. Climb up the ramps to the platform.
    • Use the yellow zip-line to zip across to the tower to the left of the entrance.
    • From this tower, use another zip-line to reach the larger scaffolding platform on the opposite end of the valley.
  • When you reach the larger platform, use a yellow zip-line hanging from the upper level, on the left. Zip up to the top level.
    • You can also use a hanging zipline to reach this platform. Look near the map display screen.
  • From this platform, look for a metal antennae vein with a block metal cable connected to it. Walk along the cable until you’re above the giant dino skeleton.
    • Duck and move along the cable slowly. There are flags that clip through the top of the cable — if you walk over them, you can easily slip off the edge.
  • Drop down onto the skeleton! Now, more toward the “front” of the bones — the front-left section.
  • You’ll eventually uncover the dinosaur Easter egg.

It’s a tiny dinosaur stuffed animal, sitting on some truly massive dino bones, in a place most players will never be able to reach. Let’s call that an “Easter egg” — even if it isn’t that impressive. Here’s hoping Respawn has some better secrets waiting for curious players to discover in the near future.