Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How To Summon An Infinite Army Of Waluigis | Isabelle Glitch Guide

Isabelle is no stranger to weird glitches in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. She’s already the cause of a gamebreaking bug involving the Villager from Animal Crossing, and now her Side Special can summon an endless amount of Assist Trophy allies. Of course, the best possible Assist Trophy to couple with this glitch is Waluigi. Why? Because he’s the butt of every Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character roster joke.

This trick doesn’t just work for Waluigi, though. Any of the Assist Trophies can be summoned endlessly. The Nintendogs, Jeff, Alucard, and many more can slowly transform into a mass of infinite CPU characters. Shockingly, this won’t crash the game, but it will lead to a very quick end to any match. You won’t really have a problem with this online, though. It requires very precise timing.

But, it’s also fun and easy to replicate. So let’s dive into how exactly this little glitch works. And don’t forgot to check out MasterOfHyrule’s YouTube Channel — he was the first person to share this hilarious error.

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How To Summon An Infinite Army Of Waluigis | Isabelle Glitch Guide

NOTE: To do this glitch, you’ll need to unlock Isabelle and get a second player to help you out. 

Using the Side Special attack, Isabelle can reel in items. Throw in two Isabelle’s, and you can trigger a strange glitch that causes the Assist Trophy animation to repeat endlessly, spawning an army of whatever Assist Trophy you’ve lured in.

Here’s how to actually do the glitch. It’s really simple:

  • Select Isabelle for P1 and P2. Get a friend to help you.
    • Summon an Assist Trophy. You can do this in Training Mode.
  • Stand both Isabelle characters an equal distance apart from the Assist Trophy, on both sides.
    • About 3 Isabelle lengths should be enough.
  • Hit Side Special at the same time. This launches a fishing hook at the Assist Trophy.

The trick is, that Player 1 Isabelle will hook the Assist Trophy first and reel it in. The Player 2 Isabelle, having launching the hook, will hook the Assist Trophy midway back on its trajectory to Player 1. This causes an infinitely repeating animation glitch, triggering an endless loop.

That means P1 is stuck in the loop. To get free, P2 can smack P1 once to stop the loop. Watch how this trick is done exactly via the Nintendo Life YouTube Channel.