Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: What You’ll Unlock With Every Amiibo | Unlockables Guide

Every amiibo released is compatible with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — and they all have a different use. You can unlock in-game fighters early, get Spirits, or create AI Fighters you can train. Each amiibo gives you something a little different, so we’re here to break down the entire list and share exactly what you’ll get when you scan any amiibo.

Right off the bat, you can start unlocking characters if you own the corresponding amiibo. Scan an amiibo by tapping it to the base of the right Joy-Con thumbstick. Hold it for a moment and the amiibo will be scanned — if you’re scanning one of the main fighters (Inkling, Mega Man, Bowser, Donkey Kong, etc) you’ll instantly unlock them for Smash Mode. The rest of the characters? Well, they’ll give you a variety of different rewards.

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What You’ll Unlock With Every Amiibo | Unlockables Guide

Every amiibo produced gives you something special in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For the main 63 playable fighters, you’ll unlock the corresponding character for use in Smash Mode instantly. You can also train an AI Amiibo Fighter — you can level up Amiibo fighters, equip them with Spirits, and they can join you in multiplayer team battles.

  • How To Scan Amiibo: Touch the Amiibo’s base to the right Joy-Con thumbstick.

Check out the full playable character roster — there are 72 characters (63 unlockable fighters) in the playable roster. If you scan any of the (currently available) unlockable fighters, you’ll instantly unlock them. Some playable characters also have alternate rewards.


All remaining amiibo will unlock Spirits. Some amiibo will give you Primary Spirits — others will give you Support Spirits. Some amiibo give you better rewards than others. Check out the full list below.

[Note: On Ranks — 1 Star (Novice), 2 Stars (Advanced), 3 Stars (Ace), 4 Stars (Legend)]

  • All non-playable characters list. Spirit Rank & Rewards
    • Able Sisters: Support Spirit (Ace) – Shield Durability Up
    • Alm & Celica: Primary Spirit (Novice) – 3 Slots
    • Blathers: Support Spirit (Ace) – Black Hole Equipped
    • Bokoblin: Primary Spirit (Novice) – Battering Items Power Up / 2 Slots
    • Boo: Primary Spirit (Novice) – 3 Slots
    • Celeste: Support Spirit (Advanced) – Item Gravitation
    • Chibi-Robo: Primary Spirit (Advanced) – 2 Slots
    • Cyrus & Reese: Support Spirit (Ace) – Ore Club Equipped
    • Daruk: Primary Spirit (Advanced) – Weight Up / 1 Slot
    • Detective Pikachu: Support Spirit (Advanced) – Fog Immunity
    • Digby: Primary Spirit (Advanced) – Battering Items Power Up
    • DJ K.K.: Primary Spirit (Advanced) – 3 Slots
    • Goomba: Primary Spirit (Novice) – Foot Attack Up
    • Guardian: Support Spirit (Advanced) – Weapon Resist Up
    • Kapp’n: Support Spirit (Ace) – Easier Dodging
    • Kicks: Support Spirit (Advanced) – Sticky Floor Immunity
    • Koopa Troopa: Support Spirit (Novice) – Green Shell Equipped
    • Lottie: Primary Spirit (Novice) – 1 Slot
    • Metroid: Support Spirit (Ace) – KOs Heal
    • Midna & Wolf Link: Primary Spirit (Ace) – 3 Slots
    • Mipha: Support Spirit (Advanced) – Critical Health Stats Up
    • Octoling Boy / Girl: Primary Spirit (Ace)
    • Octoling Octopus: Support Spirit (Advanced) – Ray Gun Equipped
    • Off The Hook: Support Spirit (Ace) – Undamaged Attack / Speed Up
    • Pikmin: All Five Pikmin give different rewards.
      • Blue Pikmin: Support Spirit (Advanced) – Thrown Item Up
      • Red Pikmin: Support Spirit (Advanced) – Lava Floor Resist
      • Rock Pikmin: Primary Spirit (Novice) – Weight Up
      • Yellow Pikmin: Support Spirit (Advanced) – Energy Shot Attack / Resistance Up
      • Winged Pikmin: Support Spirit (Advanced) – Floaty Jumps
    • Qbby: Support Spirit (Ace) – Ore Club Equipped
    • Resetti: Primary Spirit (Ace) – Jump Down
    • Revali: Support Spirit (Advanced) – Shooting Attack Up
    • Rover: Support Spirit (Ace) – Ice Floor Immunity
    • Shovel Knight: Primary Spirit (Ace) – 2 Slots
    • Squid Sisters: Support Spirit (Legend) – Fast Final Smash Meter
    • Timmy & Toomy: Instantly unlocks the World of Light shop.
    • Tiki: Primary Spirit (Advanced) – 3 Slots
    • Toad: Primary Spirit (Advanced) – 3 Slots
    • Tom Nook: Primary Spirit (Advanced) – 3 Slots
    • Urbosa: Primary Spirit (Advanced) – Electric Attack Up / 2 Slots
    • Yarn Poochy: Primary Spirit (Advanced) – Weight Down / 3 Slots
    • Waddle Dee: Primary Spirit (Advanced) – 3 Slots
    • Waluigi: Primary Spirit (Ace) – Foot Attack Up / 3 Slots

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